Nike Drop Official Images Of Off-White 50-Dunk Collab Series

Nike dropped the official confirmation yesterday of its upcoming collab with Off-White on a series of 50 Dunk sneakers. While there’s been much conversation on the shoes’ colourways, as it turns out all but two of the shoes, black or white with a silver Swoosh, are offered in the same white and dove grey colour combination. While most of the shoes feature a leather upper and synthetic outsole, there are some hairy suede and canvas uppers, too.

Rather than unique colour stories, each shoe is differentiated through a rainbow array of colours used for tongues, over laces and insoles and zip ties. As well, each shoe’s number in the series is stamped on an oval-shaped, raised rubber overlay placed on the back of the shoe’s outsole. The No.1, white and silver shoe reads 01 of 50 with the final black and silver shoe reading 50 of 50.

Reflecting a return to a post-pandemic return to moving about, the announcement was accompanied by the placements of billboards featuring an array of images of the shoe in various global cities.

Weighing in on the collaboration as well as the fickle nature of sneaker culture in general, in an Instagram post showing some of the billboards,
Off-White designer Virgil Abloh wrote in the caption, “this sneaker thing so hype-y and moving so fly-by-night we had to go in our deeper bag and come up for air later-later… the more you know 💫 type-beat.”

Nike hasn’t yet provided information on the launch, but based on the official announcement, the launch should come in the next month or two.
Check out all 50 shoes. Would you Cop or Not? What is your favourite colourway?

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