Let’s Talk: Period Skin and Well-being

What is period skin?

Prior to, during and even after your period, hormone levels rise and fall. Therefore, the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body trigger various changes in the skin. For example, they cause your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, which is an oily substance. Too much of this substance results in clogged pores and blackheads.

On the other hand, hormones also play a vital part in causing acne.  

There are so many factors beyond hormones that lead to all of these changes in the body. For example, diet and stress levels.

Key ingredients for period skin: 
  • Salicylic acid – clears clogged pores, reduces sebum, helps to break down pimples 
  • Glycolic acid – fights acne and fades hyperpigmentation
  • Hydrocolloids – absorbs toxins to dry out pimples
  • Niacinamide – helps oil balance and texture of skin
  • Lactic acid – reduces acne and moisturises the skin 
  • Tea tree oil – anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help to treat and prevent acne scars 

I wanted to delve into some products designed to help with not only period skin but periods in general. Gradually implementing them into my routine to see if they could tackle my hormonal oily skin and on-and-off breakouts and cramps. 

Each product mentioned below was kindly gifted to us at Style Cartel Beauty.

Wild Hearts Gang Period Gift Box

Having your first period is without a doubt an unforgettable experience. It can be an overwhelming, confusing and difficult situation to adjust to. However, one that is completely normal. 

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding the topic of menstruation. Usually perpetrated by cultural taboos, lack of education and period poverty. It is said that 58% of women have felt a sense of embarrassment towards their period. This is due to period shaming and the reinforcement of societal beliefs that periods are unclean. Therefore, a sense of awkwardness surrounding periods can occur.

In order to educate young girls and have them feel empowered and comfortable with their periods, Anne Doherty created the Wild Hearts Gang Period Box.

Aiming to create a trendy yet educational product, Anne produced a box of products that would typically be used and needed during a first period. Not wanting her 11-year-old stepdaughter to experience any shame towards her period, the box was not only about the products but giving young girls the tools to manage and explore menstruation confidently.

“I want young women to celebrate becoming a woman and to be proud when they get their period”, says Anne. 

Wild Heart Gang offers a range of products, including the first period box (£29.99) and teen period box (£23.99).

I was able to get my hands on a teen period box and immediately felt comforted. Although periods are not new to me, it is still a lovely feeling to have a range of products to help make your menstruation cycle that little bit easier. 

The teen box includes, applicator and non applicator tampons, a chocolate bar, period tracker and so much more!


Skincare brand, ZitSticka, are all about clear skin! The brand aim to destigmatize breakouts and create high quality products that can help people to feel better about their skin. 

I was lucky enough to try two products from ZitSticka. 

Hyperfade (£29.00) is an acne patch, layered with 24-self dissolving micro-darts, that release brightening and rejuvenating ingredients. Packed with niacinamide, vitamin C and more, it clarifies the appearance of dark spots. 

I was a bit skeptical on whether the patch would be able to target my dark spots as they have been sitting comfortably on my face for quite a while. However, ZitSticka claim that results do vary and that all cases are unique. In my case, the one dark spot that I have been targeting has faded a little and I look forward to using the patches more to see the final result.

Now for the best face mask I have ever had the pleasure of using, Press Refresh (£30.00). This high-performance sheet mask is filled with a trio of acids – salicylic, lactic and glycolic. It aims to unclog pores and exfoliate dead skin cells.

During my period, my skin can be prone to congestion, so the exfoliating acids within the mask do help to tackle that problem. My skin is glowing, softer and a lot brighter! 

Be You

Beyond period skin, periods can cause a range of other physical symptoms.

Be You create a range of natural, science-backed solutions to periods and women in general, which is an underdeveloped study in the medical and clinical field. 

The brand state that “female diseases have been underfunded: there is five times more research into erectile dysfunction, which affects 19% of men, than into premenstrual syndrome, which affects 90% of women.” 

The inequality and lack of representation has led to creating natural treatments, treatments that are rarely available due to the dismissal of female conditions. 

I used their monthly patches (£7.99) during my last period, and it was great to be able to have comfort on the go. Usually when I get cramps, it discourages me to be active and the last thing I want is to travel around with a hot water bottle. These patches, filled with menthol and eucalyptus oil are both convenient and soothing. 

I have also been using the CBD Muscle Balm (£29.99). It is a light, non-greasy balm that alleviates cramps and general muscle pains rather quickly. 


MadebySunday are a skincare and makeup brand. From the creation of their microfibre blender in 2018 to a wide range of skincare products for all skin types, they have grown and provided the world of skincare with clean and affordable products.

Their Blue Magic Face Oil (£20.00) was created for oily and acne prone skin. Blue tansy is an ingredient distilled from a North African flower, used to reduce the appearance of inflammation.

Although my skin does not break out often, I will definitely be testing this product when my skin is in need of a bit of TLC.

Furthermore, I have been using the brands Spot Gun (£10.00), which is a turmeric and ginger treatment for acne and hyperpigmentation. Using it as part of my nighttime routine, it has gradually started to fade my dark spots and make my skin appear even and brighter.


Votary are a luxury skincare brand, passionate about using the power of plant oils and botanical actives to create natural vegan products. Products that will leave your skin healthy and more radiant.

Due to the occasional breakout, scars tend to leave quite dark marks on my face. Hyperpigmentation is something that I try to not necessarily get rid of but balance. The Brightening Hyaluronic Serum (£75.00) and Blemish Rescue Oil (£35.00), by Votary, have been helping with that a lot! 

The serum is enriched with a blend of acids that exfoliates the skin to reveal a dewy, even complexion. The oil, packed with plant extracts such as tamanu oil, which contains antioxidants. This helps the skin to repair itself whilst also being super moisturising as it is rich in fatty acids.

My skin honestly looks and feels…expensive! Not only does my skin appear more radiant but I am able to control breakouts a lot easier. I genuinely look forward to using both products as part of my skincare routine now. 

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