A Match Made in Heaven – Elsa x Valentino

Valentino’s latest collaboration with none other than 2020’s comedic internet sensation Elsa Majimbo proved a pleasant surprise. Where fashion houses are known for their varied famed collaborations from celebrities, musicians, artists to high-street brands. Valentino is no exception.

Elsa x Valentino’s book collaboration is unique and close to perfect. A reinterpretation of the Alphabet through her eyes. Her witty sense of humour and quick quips are realised on paper to stand the test of time.

A timeless collectible. Click here to view.

Photo via Flash Art

The genius and thought behind this unlikely product collaboration are proof to Elsa’s on-brand personality.

Elsa’s debut began when she came on the scene at the start of the pandemic with a slew of comedic video skits. A satire tone and sarcastic humour, that found relief in a dire case. She brought cheery tone to the bleak reality of the pandemic. At a time where the world needed joy more than ever.

Her skits poked fun at herself, and societal norms, from everyday mundane tasks such as ‘doing work’ to declaring her love for the world’s richest men.

With her trademark shades and deafening crisp crunch, above all she left her mark on a ‘tired’ ‘influencer’ or pop culture scene.

A Taste of Change to Come?

The Elsa x Valentino collaboration is indeed an unmatched opportunity for the teenager. For Valentino however, when all is stripped back, the book is simply a well-marketed product, seizing the current climate.

But what does this union say, if anything at all about the future of the Global South? Nairobi Kenya is home to the comedienne; which she proudly represents. A history of exploit, harm, and neglect haunt designers and brands within the retail industry; Valentino included.

Over buying, underpaid workers, human rights, and waste dumping are a few mentions that Valentino and brands alike in the Global North are largely to blame. Real reform is far from reality.

However this moment with the Kenyan star showed her already apparent truth; that life exists outside of a Western-centric view, and it’s thriving!

If nothing more than food for thought, a notion to be left with. Can the past be rectified and could this union be the start?

The urgent need for change is a constant theme, worldwide. The pandemic just made it clearer.