Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Summer is just around the corner. Warmer weather and clearer skies has inspired latest fashion trends. Spring was just a teaser for what is to come. These spring trends have built the foundation for our 2021 summer revival. Here are the 12 biggest trends we have kept our eyes on this spring!

1. Lace Up Tops

Lace up tops provide a very flattering look. Whether it’s positioned at the front or the back, they are very easy to style. Recently, they have been styled with baggy jeans. But as the weather gets warmer, there is no doubt that they will be paired with mini skirts or a pair of denim shorts.

2. Gilets

When Zara released their cropped gilets, they completely sold out within a few days. Long sleeve, short sleeve or no sleeves, these gilets could be paired with anything. A fashionable way to add a bit of warmth to your look. Particularly handy for those in the UK, as the spring weather has proven itself unpredictable.

3. Cross Wrap Halter Tops

Whether you have a big or small chest, these cross wrap halter tops can provide a very flattering look to both. They are revealing, without being too revealing. A lovely statement to style with a pair of mom jeans.

4. Bucket Hats

Indeed, bucket hats are a fun accessory to style with your outfits. A perfect look to wear for upcoming festivals, specifically Reading Festival 2021. A stylish way to keep yourself in the shade.

5. Rectangle Sunglasses

With the sun shining, rectangle sunglasses have resurrected from the 2000’s. If you are not feeling your best, rectangle sunglasses are the way to go. Especially when you’re trying to hide the mistakes from your drinking the night before!

6. Claw Clips

Additionally, spring has resurrected the 90’s/2000’s trend of claw clips. A quick and simple way to get your hair out your face, whilst adding a bit of volume to your ponytail. So many creative hairstyles can be formed with these clips, and the range of colours they come in help add a bit of spice to your look.

7. Marble Print

Marble print has taken over dresses, skirts and tops. It adds a bold statement to a plain outfit, transforming your look into something daring.

8. Vivienne Westwood Necklaces

The pearl Vivienne Westwood choker has been trending this spring. A simple, yet elegant, statement to any outfit. These chokers have led to the creation of other necklaces inspired by their logo.

9. Patchwork Designs

Patchwork tops and jeans is something that you have definitely not missed on social media. A fashionable and unique way to add a combination of complimenting colours to your look.

10. Hawaiian/ Floral Print

Hawaiian / floral print is a fun way to represent the summer vibes that are soon to come. In colours such as red, white, pink and white, they compliment the sun and bring an essence of happiness into fashion.

11. Backless Tops

Backless tops are a great way to show off some skin, without revealing too much. You can have a simple look from the front, but a daring look from the back. Accessorised with rectangle sunglasses and a claw clip in your hair, you have the ultimate trendy spring look to bring with you into the summer.

12. 3 Piece Bikinis

Lastly, 3 piece bikinis have been creeping up on us this spring, and they are about to make their statement this summer. Coming in a variety of colours and patterns, the beach will be visited by many fashionistas!

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Monica Garcia

I am a second year student at Cardiff University, studying Journalism and Communications, with the intent of going into Fashion Journalism in the future.