Juicy Couture Comeback: Revival of The Noughties

Eminent for its rhinestones and velour, Juicy Couture has yet again dominated the fashion world, bringing along its noughty trademark. From their handbags to their fragrances, it is their signature velour tracksuit in particular that have stolen our hearts. They are the current global fashion phenomenon. However, it is evident in their 2020 revival that this time they are here to stay.

Juicy Couture Icons

Pamela and Gela, the founders of Juicy Couture, transformed 200 dollars into a million dollar company and became the epitome of the 2000’s. They were the must-have brand that had fashion freaks on their knees. You didn’t just want Juicy Couture, you needed Juicy Couture. You needed to eat, sleep and breathe the brand to survive the noughties. It turned nobodies into somebodies, as if there was some secret ingredient in their soft velour fabric. A-list celebrities such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian wore these tracksuits with pride, ultimately making it the official 2000’s uniform. It’s become merely impossible to imagine the 2000’s without Juicy Couture.

Although, there is no doubt that Juicy Couture translated is Paris Hilton. The New York socialite alone is what made the 2000’s truly iconic, and it is no secret that her wardrobe was a Juicy store in itself. Starring in ‘The Simple Life’, alongside childhood best friend, Nicole Richie, Hilton wore Juicy like there was no tomorrow. Hilton sported these tracksuits to the airport, running errands and even on nights out. She would not be caught dead in any other tracksuits. Her devotion inspired an international obsession: ‘The Juicy effect’. She made comfort the new fashion trend, making an unforgettable impact on fashion history.

When modernity and simplicity was sought, they fell from the fashion hierarchy in the 2010’s. However, 2020 came around and they were not here to play. Their revival was and is serious and the brand’s evolution ignited a fashion domination. Opting for a new direction, they tailored their style to accompany modern trends, whilst still paying homage to the noughties.

Their Presence Today

And there is no better time for a Juicy Couture takeover than now. With its ultimate combination of fashion and comfort, Juicy has allowed us to quarantine in style. It has become the fashion shield protecting us from COVID. The luxe loungewear motivates us to work from home, whilst keeping fashion a priority. Rihanna, Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner are all supporters of its comeback, sporting their tracksuits in their everyday lives. Its impact on fashion history has inspired other brands to come out with similar tracksuits. PrettyLittleThing have released velour tracksuits with rhinestone printings on the back, as well as Boohoo and Shein. Currently, Juicy have collaborated with brands such as Kappa, Urban Outfitters, and recently, Forever 21. Juicy Couture has influenced these brands and celebrities to help them reclaim the noughties.

Not only are they the foundation of fashion, they have also changed the face of fashion forever. They have shown that fashion is comfort. Now, when you think of tracksuits, you think Juicy Couture and there is no going back.

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Monica Garcia

I am a second year student at Cardiff University, studying Journalism and Communications, with the intent of going into Fashion Journalism in the future.