TikTok: The Fashion Referee For Upcoming Trends

A Race For The Next Trend.

Tiktok. A social media platform allows users to share videos, lasting three seconds to a minute, inspired by their own or others creativity. It has become a hotspot for what is described as elite entertainment. Indeed, its popularity has opened opportunities for promotion and social activism awareness.

Tiktok has birthed an online community called ‘Fashiontok’. In a sense, it has become the new virtual fashion magazine: a place of fashion worship. It has built the foundation for all the latest trends: tennis skirts, corsets, mom / boyfriend jeans etc. But these clothing items are not just trending, they are completely selling out worldwide. Thus, it has turned fashion into a race, pitting fashion frenzies against each other to compete for items of clothing and being the first one to show them off on social media platforms.

Last year, Tiktok made Slazenger skorts the new crave, causing them to completely selling out within a few days. Immediately, people began selling and reselling similar items for a much higher price on apps such as Depop. Recently, Tiktok made American Eagle OFFLINE Real Me High-Waisted Crossover Leggings the new hype, again completely selling out immediately. Brands such as H&M began to produce similar looking items to accommodate to the new style people were admiring. This truly emphasises the power that Tiktok obtains amongst today’s fashion industry.

Moreover, with the pandemic instructing people to stay home, so having nothing to do, it has influenced an increase in online shopping. As a result, people are looking to Tiktok to figure out what trend to next follow and who to get inspiration from. Fashiontok has flourished from lockdown – inspiring, expanding and nourishing individual’s interest in the fashion world.

Who To Follow On TikTok:

Diversity is something that should be encouraged and it is urged that you to support POC creators within this Fashiontok Community. We must include and inspire ethnic minorities to join our mission in making fashion more inclusive and accepting of other cultures’ creativity. Here are some examples of creators who deserve credibility:

  1. Zahraa Berro (@zahraa_hberro on Tiktok) : for hijab styling and modest outfits.
  2. Violet Ezedimora (@violetezedimora on Tiktok) : for classy and chic outfit inspirations.
  3. Nava Rose (@the.navarose on Tiktok) : for inspired and daring pieces of clothing to look out for.

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Monica Garcia

I am a second year student at Cardiff University, studying Journalism and Communications, with the intent of going into Fashion Journalism in the future.