Easter Bunny Gifts For The Little Ones

With Easter Holidays round the corner, parents are facing yet another special gifts hunt for their little ones. Of course all to help Easter Bunny to fulfill his duties. We compiled a list of exciting gifts that will satisfy the most demanding kids, from little explorers, science lovers, adventure seekers, princesses and architects. Happy hunting.

Little Tikes Giant Slide

One of our top pick is this awesome giant slide which provides endless hours of fun outdoors. It might be one of the most convenient-to-store kids’ slides, but this large slide doesn’t lack in the fun factor! Ideal for little tots aged two and above, they’ll love its easy steps for climbing, wide base for stability and gentle slope. And when they’re ready to move on to the next toy, the Easy Store slide lives up to its name and conveniently locks and folds away.

Sprite Classic Led Micro Scooter

Every kid will get excited when they receive scooter that lights up when they ride. This awesome 2 wheeled scooter now comes with LED light up front and back wheels. The smart LED tech uses induction energy to turn the power kids create as they scoot into bright white light. No batteries. No fuss. Just a glow to light up the darkest evenings and brighten up the most ordinary days. Sprite will put smiles on faces as children enter the world of two-wheel scooting. Whether building up speed or negotiating obstacles, kids can do it with ease thanks to the Sprite’s intelligent design. With adjustable handlebars for years of scooting fun. Lightweight aluminium frame for the ultimate agility. Perfectly sized footplate that’s neither too big nor too small. We think there is no better first taste of life on two wheels.

Baby Born Easter Egg


Brand new to the collection this year is the egg-stra special BABY born Easter Egg 43cm. Perfect for bringing excitement to the season. Kids will love opening their pink Easter Egg to reveal a spectacularly seasonal bunny onesie for their 43cm doll, complete with matching shoes. To add to the fun, the set also includes a sheet of Easter stickers which can be used to personalise the Easter egg.

Early Learning Centre Sparkle Lights Dolls’ Mansion


Probably all little girls at some point dream of having a doll house. And this is the most spectacular we have ever seen. Step inside this beautiful 3-storey Early Learning Centre Sparkle Lights Dolls’ Mansion and let the adventures begin! With an open front, there is plenty of room for all your adventures and lots of family fun in this beautiful three-storey dolls’ home which comes complete with lots of furniture and three working lamps for realistic pretend play. This sparkle house dolls’ mansion includes lots of furniture for you to arrange. See the sparkling wallpaper and the toilet with flushing sounds. Switch the lamps on and off and at the end of a busy day, tuck your dolls into their beds ‘good night everyone’. This adorable set helps little ones discover the world and explore their imagination.

Na!Na!Na! Surprise Sparkle Series

Pop into a totally new unboxing experience and 2-in-1 surprise with Na!Na!Na! Surprise Sparkle Series. Open the package to find a real balloon and POP for an incredible confetti surprise. Inside is a beautiful, soft posable fashion doll with unique, printed details and gorgeous hair. There are also additional surprises including a sequined pom purse.

Janod Body


Janod’s Bodymagnet Educational Human Body Game is sure to be a favourite for any doctors and nurses in the making (whilst letting parents off the hook from trying to name the bones of the body!). Composed of 76 magnets and magnetic board, the detailed descriptions of the skeleton, organs and muscles will inspire every future medical student, and mum and dad can brush up on their anatomy skills too! 

Playmobil Large City Zoo


Hours of fun in one box. Entering the Large City Zoo through the gate, visitors go to pay at the kiosk with souvenir shop, and then arrive at the spacious animal enclosures. The viewing platform spans over a raised wooden path – this is the perfect vantage point for watching the animals in each of their habitats. The giraffe is heading out for the first time with its newborn calf, and the young emperor penguins are speeding down the slide. There is plenty of excitement over in the Outdoor Lion Enclosure, as feeding time is about to begin! The extension sets make the enclosures and viewing platform even bigger, gradually growing the extensive zoo landscape. Whether children prefer the meerkats, lemurs or even the hippos, they are sure to find their own favourites amongst the many animal species available.

Rainbow High Cheer Doll


Collect the Rainbow of school spirit with the all new Rainbow High Cheer fashion dolls. Each doll comes with a cheer outfit, poms poms and a hair comb. Skyler Bradshaw got a cheerleading makeover in a gorgeous blue cheer outfit that reflects her fabulous, sweet style. She has gorgeous features, long eyelashes and beautiful, brushable hair in a ponytail. Her hair also features a cheerleader bow and barrettes. She’s fully articulated and posable. Her arms and legs bend, so she can strike loads of glamorous cheer poses. Skyler also comes with pom poms, so she can cheer on Rainbow High in style. Also includes hair comb. 

The Etta Loves x Keith Haring collection


This unique collaboration brings the radiant joy of artist Keith Haring to a new generation, combining his iconic prints with the science at the heart of Etta Loves. The Etta Loves x Keith Haring collection of magical baby essentials combines his striking art and the expertise of Etta Loves resident NHS Orthoptist, an expert in children’s vision, who consults with the design team to ensure that every scale, pattern and colour supports babies’ visual and cognitive development. The science at the heart of Etta Loves ensures that babies are stimulated and mesmerised, giving parents a precious moment of calm and, with Keith Haring, their first art gallery experience. With this collaboration Etta Loves continues to innovate and stay true to their brand mission of design led by science.

Janod Giant World Map Puzzle

A challenge for children and parents alike, the Janod Giant World Map Puzzle is a great way to discover the world. Through this sturdy 300-piece puzzle, all the family can enjoy learning about the countries and landmarks of the world, without leaving their living room! A great lockdown activity, the World Map Puzzle will keep all the family busy. Happy Easter!

Dantoy Pretend Dinner Set

This range of I’m Green toys by Dantoy includes the Pretend Play Dinner set (containing 22 pieces) – encouraging your children to be creative with their communication, social and table skills either independently or together with family. Unrivalled in their sector Dantoys I’m Green toys are made from at least 90% sugarcane and their bioplastic is 100% recyclable. Impressive figures.