Most-Googled DIY Beauty Treatments of Lockdown

Since the first lockdown was announced in the UK, just over a year ago, it was certain that Google would go into overdrive with more ‘how to’ questions surrounding beauty treatments.

For example, how to wax at home, how to cut my bangs at home. That sort of thing. 

It is inevitable that lockdown has changed the way we approach our beauty routines and treatments. We find ourselves spending more time on them and paying more attention to detail. This is due to being without our regular beauty services.

Online beauty retailer, Feel Unique have analysed and concluded the most Googled at-home beauty treatments and products within lockdown. Feel Unique stated that they have “considered the average number of Google searches in February 2020 (pre pandemic) and compared them to the March 2020 – February 2021 period”.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the 7 most Googled beauty treatments in lockdown: 

How to dye your hair 

With hair salons being closed throughout lockdown, people were forced to fend for themselves in order to maintain their hairstyles. Feel Unique reported that between March 2020 and February 2021, searches for ‘how to dye your own hair’ leapt by 230%. Consequently, sales for hair dye leapt by 182% within the same time period. 

Interestingly, it was reported that the average monthly search for how to bleach hair at home increased by 222%. 

Whilst it is possible to bleach or dye your hair successfully at home, it is still a risky process! It also may not be possible to book in for a hair appointment straight away when hair salons reopen. Therefore, prior to transforming your hair at home, always ensure that you have done an in-depth amount of research

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting 

It is fair to say that lockdown allowed a lot of people to realise that they rely on a lot of services to help them maintain their overall look. I mean, where would we be without our eyebrow / eyelash technicians? Well, it turns out that without them, searches for ‘eyebrow tint at home’ increased by 90%. 

Eyebrow tinting is a great way of achieving the appearance of thicker, enhanced, and defined brows without having to fill them in every day. 

Along with that, lash treatments grew in popularity as well. Alongside the growing interest in natural growth-boosting products, many were looking towards eyelash tints for an effortless look in lockdown. This particular search grew by 120%, Feel Unique recommending the Eylure Pro-Lash Dylash kit to add a rich tint in just 10 minutes! 

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Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation usually performed by a medical aesthetician. The procedure involves using a surgical scalpel to gently scrape away the top layer of skin cells and peach fuzz. Results are said to leave skin glowing whilst diminishing the appearance of acne scars and fine lines. 

The search for ‘at-home dermaplaning’ seemed to jump to 23% whilst searches for just ‘dermaplaning’ dropped by 33%. 

Check out Feel Uniques guide on how to do at-home dermaplaning safely and correctly. 

How to cut your hair 

Many turned to the internet for guidance on how to cut their hair at home. The search alone escalated by 400%. Feel Uniques sales of hair scissors and clippers also growing by a massive 1325%, according to the online retailer. 

Undoubtably, lockdown also created time for the experimentation of haircuts and styles. Those with bangs or who wanted bangs enabled the search for ‘how to cut a fringe’ to rise by 313%. 

Not only that but, the now trendy mullet haircut emerged as one of the most unexpected lockdown beauty trends. Searches for ‘how to cut a mullet’ rocketed up to 1043%!

Eyebrow Waxing 

Perfectly groomed brows really do make all the difference. Though, in the midst of a lockdown, that can be quite difficult to achieve. 

Whilst many opt for eyebrow threading, others chose to wax their stray hairs, searches for ‘eyebrow waxing’ seeing a 22% increase. Eyebrow waxing is said to allow the hairs to grow back softer and with more controlled regrowth. 

Gel and acrylic nails 

In this case, the search for ‘acrylic nails’ at home went up by 171%. Regular attendees of nail appointments really had to take matters into their own hands (no pun intended). 

Removing old gel and acrylic nails can be a nightmare. Hours spent filing, cutting, soaking, and attempting to remove the nail without damaging the nail bed can be a tricky situation. So, gel nail polish could be an alternative option, this search also rising 81% over the first two lockdowns. 

DIY facials 

When it comes to beauty and skincare rituals, facials are super important! From face masks to exfoliation, the process of a good skincare routine is exciting and beneficial. Not only for the skin but our general wellbeing. 

Searches around ‘at-home facials’ have climbed 50% since before the pandemic. 

As well as this, skincare brand CeraVe became the surprise beauty sensation of 2020. Not only this but they gained huge popularity on the social media platform, TikTok. 

The brands average monthly sale happened to increase by up to 569% on Feel Unique. 

Stress and having to wear a face covering can create many changes in the appearance of the skin. With that said, it is no surprise that this affordable brand have been so successful during lockdown. This is because their key ingredient, Ceramide, helps to lock moisture into the skin and prevent dryness and irritation. 

All stats have been sourced from Feel Unique.

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