In the Spirit of Nature – Fashion Editorial

In current times we often find ourselves on our own and stuck inside. We are less and less connected to our friends and family. Because of this, those who are newly imposed to solidarity are more drawn to the outdoors and the environment. Interestingly, sometimes in lonely moments, a forest can give you more company than a socially distanced city. At the backdrop of this we created an editorial rethinking our relationship with nature and its resources.

The garments and textile designs for this photoshoot were created through a fascination with nature…

The pieces are an attempt to merge patterns in nature with that of the garments. They combine natural and raw materials with up-cycled ropes. This invites people to think about the materials of fashion and the sources of their clothes.

In fact, natural shapes, beauty, diversity and power have inspired designs for centuries. This demonstrates how humans have used the inherent properties of natural materials to create beautiful, and at times, mesmerising objects.

Now, this editorial is about the complex relationship between fashion and nature. Also, the future of fashion and the planet. As well as this, looking at the wider issue of environmentalism and inciting change. Therefore, it conveys our shared fascination with the natural world and tells the story about how we interact with nature and our relationship with it.

It surges as a reflection of the relationship between humans and nature…

Everything humans needed to survive underpins in nature. Our existence, forests, rivers, oceans and soils provide us with the food we eat. Also, the air we breathe and the water we

The natural world inspires us all. Consequently, we depend on it for our health, happiness, and prosperity. Also, time in nature is an antidote for stress. It reduces the nervous system, arousal and anxiety. In fact, since the late 18th century, doctors have encouraged the public to visit the seaside for health and recreation.

Finally, the photographs are a metaphor for how we as humans, can be united with nature. Until the point that we almost disappear. It is about shifting from the wrong relationship
between humans and nature present in our current world to function in harmony with
scientific reality and enduring ethical traditions.

It is a dream, an illusion of the blending between humans and nature.

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Model: Gabriel Myerscough / Kelly King

Model Agency: d1models

Makeup Artist: Shareen

Designer: Johanna Hehemann

Photographer: Nuria Revuelta

Charlotte Smith

Editor & Chief

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