Top Remedies For Tired Legs

Whether you are pregnant and suffer swollen legs, or you are super busy mama running between work and home, and your feet are tired after a long day, we have a remedy for all your discomforts.

Gaia Strengthening Fitness Gel

A fresh, cooling with a gel consistency to ease aching muscles, tired legs and help those on their feet all day. Using the GAIA Strengthening blend with ginger and black pepper to warm aching muscles and aloe, eucalyptus and spearmint to soothe, this cooling gel is ideal for those on their feet all day. This cooling gel can be used by expectant mothers to help relieve those prenatal aches, along with being the perfect relief for easing aches after a workout, whilst gently softening skin.

Margaret Dabbs London Black Leg Masque & Serum


Experience the ultimate Margaret Dabbs London spa treatment at home with our soothing Black Leg Masque for refreshed and beautiful looking legs. Delivering instantly relieved and hydrated legs and beautiful, youthful-looking skin, this outstanding formulation is a true skincare essential. The perfect product for anyone who experiences ‘heavy legs’, this unique charcoal treatment effectively targets water retention, cellulite and inflammation to immediately refresh the skin. The leg serum is formulated with the innovative Legance and V Tonic complex. Margaret Dabbs London Firming Leg Serum acts as an invisible support stocking, helping to stimulate circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Alexandra Kay Time to Restore Magnesium Lotion

A hydrating natural magnesium lotion to ease muscle fatigue and reinforce the skin barrier.  Blending ancient minerals with breakthrough phyto actives, this natural body lotion soothes skin irritation, eases muscle tension and replenishes levels of skin moisture and intracellular Magnesium. 

Weleda Arnika Massage Oil


This oil is ideal for massage before and after physical activity and sports, to keep hard-working muscles warm and flexible. Apply before or after exercise to protect against cramps, muscle tension and soreness.

Burt’s Bees Leg & Foot Cream


For all pregnant mama’s out there, this is your number one! Show your feet and legs a little love during your pregnancy with this nourishing cream. Made with Peppermint Oil and Coconut Oil, the formula will soothe and condition skin, so you’re left feeling refreshed and pampered.

Subtle Energies Revive Body Blend


This delicious combination of aromas gives a pleasant kick to one’s day, providing an uplifting energy and hydration to the skin. Massage a thin layer of oil from the feet towards the heart and from the arms to the heart, all over the body, OR on the nape of the neck, navel and feet. Best applied after showering, at the start of your day or used to uplift and promote energy.