Ziggy Chen has unveiled his latest collection, INADVERTENCY, during Paris Fashion Week. The Spring/Summer 2024 is a stunning display of rawness and naturalness. The designer’s focus on exploring fabrics and details was evident in every piece, with a clear emphasis on comfort and ease for the wearer. The natural attitude of the collection was a standout feature, with each piece exuding a relaxed and effortless vibe. 

The collection features an exclusive print created by using the collage technique, with covers of ancient books and old pieces of fabric cut. To give life to a multidimensional trompe l’oeil visual effect. The fabrics used in the collection were the result of careful experimentation, with various techniques such as yarn dyeing, washing, over-dyeing, and printing applied to the fabrics. The materials used to create the collection, with linen, hemp, and ramie used for the men’s section and silk and viscose for the women’s section. The use of linen, hemp, and ramie in the men’s section of the collection created a sense of simplicity, while the silk and viscose used in the women’s section emphasized the drapes and added an element of sophistication. 

In addition of a faded blue shade inspired by a Chinese workwear item from the 1940s, along with Chen’s signature mud browns and olive greens, adds new depth to the color palette. This was also introduced, with a beautiful patina created by decades of use. Each element that characterized the collection represented INADVERTENCY in its own way.

This collection is perfect for the minimalist at heart, who appreciates a muted tone palette.


Overall, Ziggy Chen’s INADVERTENCY collection is a continuation of his vision of reality, revisiting the past through innovative techniques applied to fabrics, colors, and prints. The use of innovative techniques applied to fabrics, colors, and prints created a unique and striking visual effect that was both intriguing and captivating.

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Nejilka Arias

Born and raised in New York City, Nejilka is first generation American in her Dominican heritage. Nejilka explores the style expressions of femininity & masculinity. To her style is something highly personal. She isn’t afraid of being herself and changing up her look. With her quirky personality and unique style she has gained recognition from the fashion industry. In 2020, Sorbet Magazine named her as one of the creatives to watch.