Top 3 Toys For Your Toddler

Being a toddler and exploring the world is surely not an easy thing. Parents need to make sure that their little bundles of joy receive the best possible start to help them with further development. And there is nothing better than learning through play. We picked top 3 toys that your toddler will love.

Kaloo Tendresse Dolls

A comforting companion for your toddler. all Tendresse dolls include a delicate ribbon necktie and soft, long legs for easy gripping making them super cuddly! Packaged in an elegant gift box, Tendresse make the perfect gift for your little explorer.

Smartmax My First Wobbly Cars


It is time to put the little ones in the driving seat, with ‘My First Wobbly Cars’.  Children aged 1-5 are invited to get behind the wheel as they create their own wobbly vehicle and pull it along with these magnetic fun-moving cars! The SmartMax ‘My First’ collection is truly a bestselling line for the brand. It introduces young children between the ages of 1-5 to the magical world of magnetism. It is also encouraging logical thinking, motor skills and imaginative play from the very beginning.

Lalaboom Snap Beads


Bursting with colour and promising endless play opportunities, the dynamic Lalaboom beads will grow with your baby as they pop, snap, twist, mix, screw, clip, lace, build and stack! The super fun, bright and educational toys will awaken little one’s senses. Your toddler will love them.