The “It” brand of the moment DIESEL Drops PRE-FALL 2023 COLLECTION attitude is for every single day. A collection of disruptive and democratic pieces made to be worn around the world. Denim, pop and utility are amplified, wearability is everything, and experimentation is made for all.

“My focus for this collection is on real, everyday fashion. It’s all about the garments that will go into our stores, with the cheekiness and the charm that’s totally Diesel. The pieces have their own personality – when you see them, you know they are from our Diesel universe,” says Glenn Martens, creative director of Diesel.


Details count: that’s why these collection images were shot against a screen picking out live details. Take the first look: a shrunken T printed from the inside out with a Diesel jacron logo, distressed jeans and underwear printed like faded denim, the camera zooming in on the D of a wide metallic belt. 

Denim has been woven like it’s jersey for zip-up track tops, hoodies and track pants, while denim jeans are cut with moto detailing, or bootcut and slashed open over the foot. There are also jeans cut inside out, as well as jeans that look waistband-free but feature a hidden waistband inside. 

There are endless denim options, like sleeveless slim denim dresses zippered down the front from neck to hem; long denim skirts; denim jeans zippered at the side; and denim mini-skirts and jeans with a D patchworked over the butt. With these pieces, Diesel confirms its commitment towards sustainability through more responsible fabrics, lower-impact treatments and a new circular project that turns the brand’s denim waste from production into new fabrics.


Tailoring is turned Diesel, like bootcut pants that are grey on the back and black on the front, tab-fronted with press studs and matched with a black front/grey back tailored moto jacket. There are also tailored strappy dresses zippered down the front, and soft tailored bi-colour jackets and pants to throw on over a zip-up track top, with a metallic D logo exposing the skin beneath.


Black cargo bombers and pants are pumped up in scale, while white cargo pants skim the leg and are zippered at the ankle. Double-layer hoodies and T-shirts are distressed to reveal the layer beneath, while denim jeans and pants have a layer that appears as if it’s being peeled off. 

Metallic knit vests have a D at the chest, while metallic knit wraps skirts are held by a D buckle. The Diesel monogram is in metallic print on a yellow knit sweater and skirt; smock denim knits have all over texture in tops and miniskirts, and acid cable knits come in either little vests or floor-length cardigans. 

An image of the world from space is printed on slip dresses and padded hooded jackets, as well as a kaftan cut with jersey sleeves, while maps of the world are graphic details on long-sleeve T’s. There’s also an acid floral print on dresses, kaftans and a cropped, ultra-padded jacket, and a super-sized D is printed in white on the back of black hoodies and trackpants. 

The new CHARM-D quilted denim bag is made without leather components, and with charms that can also be worn as a necklace. The D-IVINA bag is supersized or is super small, while the 1DR is made micro, or even turned into a little charm that slips onto a belt. Meanwhile 1DR-POD sit on the back or are slung around the front. 

Heeled boots have a pointed toe and a metallic D; mule denim heels with a utility pocket are the hero shoe. Chunky boots have a metallic D over their toe, like their inner protective cage is now on the outside. 

In sneakers, the Prototype P1 looks like the moulded sole is taking over the shoe. The SERENDIPITY PRO X1 gives fresh energy to the classic Diesel sneaker, while the PROTOTYPE and PROTOTYPE CR come in new colourways. 

Pieces from the Diesel Eyewear collection, a special collaboration with Luxottica, are worn throughout, subverting classic styles from aviator to wraparound, with double wire temples that end on a micro D.

It’s great to see DIESEL Drop PRE-FALL 2023 COLLECTION; they were such an excellent brand in the ’90s. It seems they are making a comeback. The label is still a reasonable price point too. Who needs a new pair of jeans with a twist?

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