Superior And Quality Sneakers For Women

The inception and realization of true fashion is a dynamic that keeps changing with the trends. For fashion designers and enthusiasts, the shoe completes the style. It’s impossible to strike a Vogue look by just dressing and not considering your shoes. Also, there are diverse situations where the activity dictates the footwear to put on. However, if you want to realize elegance, it’s vital to complement your sleek look with the best sneakers for women. Hence, every time a fashion debate comes around, shoes take the largest portion.

Do Sneakers Speak Fashion Excellence?

For many sneaker fanatics across the board, a sneaker is not just a shoe but a work of art. This footwear encompasses style, comfort, and compatibility. It’s not hard to realize that even though culturally they are considered sportswear, sneakers portray a fashionable face. Therefore, in modern-day fashion trends, sneakers for women are the most commonly worn informal footwear. They are considered casual and complement a variety of fashion styles. It’s not surprising then, that sneakers keep evolving in design and fashion houses have realized this.

History Of Women’s Sneakers

Superior And Quality Sneakers For Women

When sneakers, as we know them, were first introduced they were considered to be footwear that was designed for, and mostly worn by, men. As a matter of fact, since the 1920s, shoes worn and endorsed by female athletes had no impact whatsoever on women’s sneaker culture. Women were an afterthought at such a time when the market for men’s sneakers was having great success. The majority of the most coveted sneakers were not made in women’s sizes, much to female aficionados’ frustration. This changed in 1982.

Sneakers Just For Women

Two events in the 1980s led to the birth of the modern-day sneaker for women. The first was an aerobics craze that swept the USA. The other event was a 1980 MTA strike in New York. This forced millions of people to walk to and from work, and this was not something women could do in high heels. Reebok saw this as an opportunity for making sneakers for women, and two years later, they came up with the ‘Freestyle.’ These were the first sneakers specifically designed for women.

Rise In Popularity

The impressive success of the Freestyle didn’t go unnoticed. Brands like Nike jumped on board right away when the market realized there was a gap for shoes that women could workout in and still look good. The hip-hop culture added an extra boost to the explosive growth of the women’s sneakers market. Female celebrities at this time began appearing on TV and in concerts wearing sneakers whilst praising their comfort. This popularity was such that in 1984 more than half of all Reebok’s sales were women’s sneakers.

Iconic Brands

This lucrative sector of the footwear world has attracted some iconic brands to the fold and, with them, some of the best fashion designers the fashion industry has to offer. This has seen to it that women can find their choice of comfortable shoes, not only from the mainstream brands but also from the ultraluxury brands out there. Some of the most coveted sneakers (for men and women) come from some of these iconic brands including Jimmy Choo, Versace, Golden Goose, Gucci, Balenciaga, to name but a few.


At this point, it seems there will be no stopping the growth of the sneakers’ market, especially for women. Women are now spoilt for choice when it comes to shoes. There is an almost unlimited variety to choose from in all categories of footwear. However, according to the statistics, women are increasingly choosing comfort. In 2017, there was a 37% increase in the sales of women’s sneakers, while sales for high heels fell by 11%. The sneakers trend is now a lifestyle choice for women of all ages.

Another indicator of this segment’s continued growth has been the collaborations between iconic fashion brands and celebrities to produce custom-made sneakers for the modern woman. This dedication has brought the market for women’s sneakers up to the same level that the men’s market has been for decades. We live in an age where equality is now part of our daily conversations, and this has been a big step towards achieving that. Thanks to these achievements, women will continue to look fashionable and feel comfortable for the foreseeable future.

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