Beauty from Beirut: Annabella Hilal Launches Caviar Concept Skincare Range

It’s fair to say that the beauty industry is well aquainted with a myriad of luxury ingredients in its skincare and cosmetics products – so it’s no surprise to learn of a new caviar beauty range from Lebanese model and TV presenter, Annabella Hilal and her plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Nader Saab.

The former Miss Lebanon (she won the prestigious title in 2004) boasts over 2.6 million followers on Instagram and 691 thousand followers on Twitter, revealing her great influence in the digital sphere. Not only a figure in the fashion and entertainment industry, Annabella has now launched her own skincare range with her husband, Dr. Nader Saab – a renowned plastic surgeon whose clients travel globally to his treatment centre in Beirut.

Style Cartel’s Amira Arasteh manages to catch the dynamic duo on a fleeting visit to London, as they stop off at one of their favourite spots in the city, The Dorchester Hotel.

Annabella Hilal and Dr. Nader Saab launch Caviar Concept

Sitting down in the lobby, the global influence Annabella and Dr. Nader possess is immediately obvious: two girls walk past and circle back, astounded to see them sat down before their eyes. They exchange conversation in Arabic with one another and Dr. Nader informs me they have made plans for the girls to come back for photos after our interview. Some time during our talking, another set of guests arrive; this time a father and his son who, I learn, actually met Annabella and Dr. Nader at the airport upon their arrival into the UK. I am sitting in the presence of celebrities and witnessing their effect on their fans. It’s fascinating.

The new luxury skincare range, called Caviar Concept by Dr. Nader Saab, consists of six products which can all be used individually – although working at their best when used together. Featuring a Protective Day Cream; Repairing Night Cream; Perfect Radiance Serum; Royal Intensive Treatment (with elixir of gold, as well as caviar) and Perfect Eye Cream, the entire skincare range oozes luxury with caviar as its main ingredient. “The product is based on golden caviar and stem cells”, Annabella reveals. The entire range is spread out on the table in front of us, like pots of gold – it’s the equivalent of looking at a salad and feeling the weight drop off and I can’t wait to try these magic creams and serums.

What makes this skincare range different to just another new launch? Dr. Nader’s extensive experience as a plastic surgeon began when he completed his medicine degree in Lebanon, before moving to Paris to earn his credentials in plastic and reconstructive surgery. After graduating from Clinique du Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées, Dr. Nader completed his training in cosmetic care.

Annabella goes on to say that her husband “researched to present the best product to Arab and Middle Eastern clients all over the world”, with his eight years of practice as an aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon and building his client base back in Lebanon. These aren’t two people who just got up one day and thought to put their name to a new skincare range; there’s been serious thought and experience in this venture.

A clear customer of Caviar Concept herself, Annabella Hilal’s skin was luminous

The research and development Annabella speaks of is the preparation for the products in the skincare range in his laboratory in Switzerland. The results the products offer are anti-ageing, working on the deeper layers of the skin. While the gold in the products acts as an antioxidant to detoxify the skin, the caviar “works wonders on lessening the appearance of wrinkles and the stem cells promote cell turnover and increase collagen and elastin production.”

The products’ ingredients are the perfect combination for glowing skin and even before speaking with her, it’s obvious from Annabella’s radiant look that she uses the products herself – and they certainly seem to be working. “I was and still am not only an inspiration, but also a muse to my husband”, Annabella shares. “My husband was keen on taking care of my health and skin all through our marriage, especially during my four pregnancies.” Yes, this woman has had four kids. I’m shocked too. I’ve also enquired about an ongoing supply of Caviar Concept. Bathe me in those creams stat. She moves on to discuss her busy lifestyle and that the long hours under camera lights took its toll on her skin. “Using these creams makes my skin rejuvenated and healthy.”

Although predominantly appealing to women, there is a range for males as well. The mens range is made of gel rather than cream, to avoid the oily appearance that creams can leave behind. For UK customers, special orders must be made over Instagram – so let the sliding into the DMs begin.

To purchase Caviar Concept by Dr. Nader Saab, enquire via DM on Instagram.

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