Top Gifts For The New Mum

Becoming a new mum is probably one of the most important life events for any women. It is emotional rollercoaster and brings equally many reasons for joy and tears. To make new mum feel less emotional, and more self confident, we picked a selection of products that will certainly help her feel just a touch more herself.

Etta Loves Plant Print Sensory Playmat

new mum

This organic cotton playmat provides perfect stimulation for tummy time and playtime. Reversible Fern (newborn-4 month print) and Sycamore print (5+ months) in soft organic cotton with a comfy padded fill. Designed alongside our consultant orthoptist specifically to support babies’ visual and cognitive development throughout their first year. The patterns also encourage your baby to use their back, neck and shoulder muscles (helping them prepare for rolling and crawling) as you’ll notice them trying to push up to make more sense of the print before them.

Olivanna Skincare

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Finding the best gifts for new mums is no easy task, but they deserve to be celebrated as well as the new arrival. Help spoil the super-human who is growing and birthing said tiny person and boost her beauty sleep with this ultimate restorative night-time skincare duo. Accompanied by a must-needed luxury satin sleep mask, featuring a unique Olivanna design, it will look as chic on her nightstand as on her ‘gram.

Kollo Liquid Collagen Supplement

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Kollo has taken the concept of liquid collagen supplements to new heights, showing how true health and beauty originate in science. Kollo adds potent nutrients that further enhance the synthesis of endogenous collagen in the human body, leading to improvements in collagen levels throughout your anatomy. Kollo was built by people with a zest for life who want to impart that to others so that we can all live our best through extended youth, better health and a simpler approach to beauty. Certainly one of the top choices for new mum.

Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector

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The Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector is a true breastfeeding companion and breast milk saver. With its double leak proof design, lanyard and suction base, Medela’s Silicone Breast Milk Collector protects each precious drop of milk from being lost, to ensure your baby receives it all!  Any new mum will love this.

Born Of Botanics Sleep Bath Salts

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Sleep is what any new mum needs the most. If you can’t get enough of it, here is a little help. Sleep comprises all that is pleasant and refined about a relaxed Yorkshire midsummer afternoon. Think balmy heat and blue skies, wild, beautiful countryside, fresh coastal breezes and cricket teas.  Sweet lavender, chamomile and lavendin combine to create a therapeutic, camphorous fragrance which promotes peace and induces deeper, more restorative sleep.

Charlotte Tilbury Super Model Body

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This Supermodel Body is a dreamy, hydrating body shimmer for glossy-skinned perfection in minutes, even of you don’t feel like super model that particular moment. All new mum will love it.

Goddess In You Christine Lister

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In Goddesses in You, Christine Lister explores the 12 ancient goddess archetypes and how they shape the women of today. Using an intuitive blend of mythology, psychology, feminism and spirituality as a psychic lens, she reveals how we can better connect with these powerful inner forces, developing greater self-understanding and appreciation. That’s a perfect gift for any new mum that is looking for her own inner goddess.

Burt’s Bees Body Oil

This body oil smoothes and softens skin and helps with skin elasticity; It can be used during or after pregnancy; periods of quick growth such as during puberty, weight gain or loss.

Thalgo Silicium Lift Gift Set

Thalgo has an absolutely fantastic range Silicium Lift, which help to to fill in wrinkles, firm skin and refresh the complexion. The gift set consists of the lifting serum, which is twice as concentrated in silicium and vitamin C, offers wrinkle correction and firming results after just 14 days. Intensive Lifting & Firming Serum is superactivated in Pelvetia canaliculata extract, a brown alga that protects the elastin fibres and activates the synthesis of collagen III and hyaluronic acid. The lifting day cream releases silicium and vitamin C on a daily basis for revitalised, gradually firmed skin, filled-in wrinkles and a fresher complexion. What’s more, the specific eye care offers triple action against wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, combining silicium and vitamin C, an extract from a Samphire (marine plant) micro-organism. Stimulation of the lymph and venous microcirculation helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Stepup Baby

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Transform family time at home this summer, with the addition of a game-changing piece of furniture from Stepup Baby. The brand’s iconic, best-selling Montessori Toddler Tower is a must have for any family, ensuring a fun and safe way for little ones to get involved in the world around them. Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, the genius step lets children learn, play and interact safely at any countertop. By turning everyday tasks, like helping with dinner or washing up, into fun discoveries, it quite simply injects joy into family life.

Silentnight Wellbeing Cool Touch Mattress Topper

The Silentnight Cool Touch Topper has been designed to prevent overheating as you sleep which is a common cause of sleep disturbance. Crafted with Coolmax outer fabric which offers exceptional breathability, allowing air to circulate in and out of the topper for ultimate cool comfort. The signature moisture wicking properties of Coolmax fabric help to move moisture away from the body for a cool night’s sleep. The innovative memory foam core which absorbs body heat as you sleep, expelling away from the body via the carefully crafted channels.