Top Men’s Style Trends Fall 23

Uncover the latest trends in men’s style with StyleCartel. From incorporating glitter to add a touch of sparkle, to embracing preppy looks for a polished and sophisticated appearance, we have it all covered. Explore the timeless appeal of khaki pieces, tank tops, the cozy comfort of knitwear, and the versatility of denim. Stay active and fashionable with sporty ensembles, or embrace the workwear-inspired outfits and much more. And don’t miss out on our Fall women’s trends. Stay ahead of the fashion curve with our trend report and elevate your wardrobe with these essential pieces.


Glitter is no longer just for the girlies! This Fall men’s trend is all about embracing the glitter trend as a way to express yourself, break the fashion norms, and add some sparkle to your #OOTD. Whether it’s through subtle pieces, bold statement pieces, or a casual glam look, designers are confidently adding glitter into their collections. StyleCartel we love a pop of casual glam and glitter. We will definitely be incorporating for this upcoming Fall, even as soon as today! Showcase your individuality and make a fashion statement that turns heads and inspires others to embrace their own unique sense of style.


Another trend that isn’t only in the women’s but men’s as well is revival of the preppy style, embracing clean lines, tailored fits, and refined cuts, but with a hint of modern. The inspiration from Ivy League/ Old Money style, this trend includes timeless pieces such as blazers, cardigans, chinos, oxford shirts, and loafers. Here at StyleCartel we are pointing our fashionable finger at none other than Sophia Richie for causing this old money/preppy aesthetic.

Back to the trends,  we love the designers have styled and put their own spin on the preppy style by adding much more rich colors, mixing patterns, fun tailoring and experimenting with unexpected combinations. A modern and sophisticated look that captures attention and showcases your unique sense of style.


A timeless classic, khaki this season is getting a trendy upgrade with fresh silhouettes and fifty shades of Khaki. From the sleek blazers, silk sets, to oversized bomber jackets, this neutral color brings a sophisticated yet laid-back vibe to any outfit. At StyleCartel, we’re convinced that khaki is the go-to color for an easy, laid-back #OOTD. Embracing khaki gives you a refined yet contemporary look that proves it’s far from boring. Get ready to rock the khaki trend in the Fall with us.


Another classic piece is Knitwear, taking the centerstage. Offering the most comfortable, warm, yet stylish and versatility. Of course we at StyleCartel  loved the new variations to knitwear. Especially Amiri’s full knitwear set. We believe this is definitely a must have. There are new variations to chunky knit sweaters, cardigans, and  turtlenecks adding texture and different silhouettes to the knitwear. Some designers are embracing oversized and slouchy knitwear for a relaxed yet effortless vibe. Be sure to shop for knitwear that has visually enticing patterns. Adding a bit of that personality to your #OOTD.


Denim will always be a a staple favorite in men’s fashion and even some of us at StyleCartel secretly shop from the men’s denim section. We love that it adds length and a much more relaxed fit. StyleCartel loves the different variations men’s denim has. From slim-fit jeans to wide-leg silhouettes, distressed, acid-washed finishes, denim offering endless possibilities for a statement outfit. Designers this season have embraced the classic denim and given it a modern update. Whether it is adding patterns, or mixing the style with different washes of denim, distressed, and even different silhouettes. The denim trend celebrates a timeless favorite while allowing for individuality and personal expression in your #OOTD.


Dominating men’s fashion is sportswear. We at StyleCartel love the updated sportswear, because it can be worn gender neutral. The key trends of elevated tracksuits, tech-infused outerwear, bold prints, tailored sportswear, and retro revival offer a diverse range of options for men seeking both comfort and style. From geometric designs to these eye-catching graphics, introducing tailored trousers, blazers, and shirts with sportswear-inspired details like drawstring waistbands and even vintage-inspired tracksuits, oversized sweatshirts, and logo-centric pieces dominate the scene. Adding classic sportswear while adding a touch of playfulness. Embrace comfort and elevate your sportswear wardrobe for your #OOTD.


Workwear, a timeless trend, it is making a strong comeback this upcoming season. Utility-inspired garments have become a staple in menswear, adding a simple element of tailoring for elegance on functional staples like cargo pockets, sturdy fabrics, and utilitarian details incorporated into jackets, trousers, and jumpsuits. Fendi SS24 Utilitarian Elegance show serves as a perfect example of elegant workwear utility. At StyleCartel, we believe in a fresh updated take to workwear by seamlessly blending it with modern streetwear or preppy garments. This creates a tailored, stylish, and functional #OOTD, capturing the essence of this trend.

Tank Top

Lastly, let’s talk about tank tops. This trend has been emerging for a while now, but this Fall it is a more fun and updated twist on the traditional wifebeater. We at StyleCartel remember this was solely being gym attire or a layering piece, lately has been a simple yet elegant standalone piece. From basic white tanks to graphic prints or vibrant colors, this trend offers a range of options for expressing your personal style. An effortless way is pairing tank top with tailored trousers or leather trousers creating a casual yet refined. StyleCartel believes that a good tank top is worth investing in.

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Nejilka Arias

Born and raised in New York City, Nejilka is first generation American in her Dominican heritage. Nejilka explores the style expressions of femininity & masculinity. To her style is something highly personal. She isn’t afraid of being herself and changing up her look. With her quirky personality and unique style she has gained recognition from the fashion industry. In 2020, Sorbet Magazine named her as one of the creatives to watch.