Kelo-Cote Proud of My Scars Self-Care Review

It’s hard for me to believe ten months ago I was in a coma. I am in recovery and getting better by the day. My scars are the only reminders that I can not escape. So when Kelo-Cote wanted to send samples of the scar treatment I felt like an angel heard my prayers for self-care products .

Kelo-Cote Proud of My Scars

Self-care and feeling good about myself are a daily battle. Since I came home from the hospital KELO-COTE® SCAR SPRAY has been part of my daily beauty routine. When I get out the shower and look at my scars it brings back the memory of my trauma. Yet, Kelo-Cote gives me the self confidence to pick myself up and to keep going.

Kelo-Cote Self-Care Review

Along with this remady I rub my scars with castor oil and lavender. But sometimes we need the protection of their advanced formula silicone treatment. Because my scar is too large. Or in other cases scars can be too hard to reach or be sensitive to the touch like the scar on my tummy.

Kelo-Cote Proud of My Scars Self-Care Review

The KELO-COTE® Spray is like spraying on a massage. Made with the same clinically-proven formula as their Scar Gel and designed to offer the same level of treatment and protection. I have yet to teast out, but with summer coming it will defiently be a must buy because I see the results after 8 months of use.

Their Spray comes in a self-drying formula that’s specially designed to lightly cover larger or more sensitive scars. Their Gel allegedly is , clinically-proven to both improve the appearance of existing hypertrophic and keloid scars in around 82% of patients AND help prevent abnormal scarring in up to 67% of surgery patients after just four months of twice-daily treatment. 

Kelo-Cote Proud of My Scars

What I need in my life are products that are going to show me results. The spray has finally given me the courage to take off my T-shirt at the gym and work out in my sports bra. I don’t care what people think, I just want to get back to normal and feel confident in my skin.

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