Gold For Skin Hair & Nails – Gold Collagen Trial

Did you know Gold Collagen is the leading global expert in liquid collagen supplements and complementary treatments for skin, hair and nail health and introduced collagen supplements to the UK in 2011??  In case you are not familiar with its products, Gold Collagen has been the UK’s number one collagen brand and liquid beauty supplement since 2012 in Boots and has sold over 50 million bottles worldwide across 45 countries.

New Gold Hyaluronic Formula

Newly launched GOLD COLLAGEN Hyaluronic Formula promotes skin moisture and hydration whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The powerful easy to swallow tablet contains a unique combination of 6 active ingredients specifically formulated for good absorption and bioavailability including the daily optimal dosage of 100 mg Hyaluronic Acid which is found in almost half of the body’s skin dermis and epidermis, Vitamin C for antioxidants, Zinc, Bioperine (black pepper extract), Marine Collagen and 100% Nutrient Reference Value of Vitamin D for additional immunity support.

Here at Style Cartel we decided to test it ourselves along with Gold Collagen Forte Plus to see ourselves if the formula is as powerful as they promise. We tested it for 3 months as it is recommended to see the visible results. I personally always suffered very dull tired complexion, as per picture below.

After 3 months of usage I couldn’t believe my eyes when I compared both pictures. My complexion was radiant, fine lines diminished and hair and nails much stronger.

gold collagen

Key benefits

–          Promote skin moisture and hydration

–          Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

–          Support to your skin, hair and nails

The formulations are free from sugars, sweeteners, colourants, alcohol, preservatives and is gluten and lactose free making it suitable for many to take. With 90 capsules per glass jar, GOLD COLLAGEN recommends one tablet is taken daily with food and two tablets per day with food for quicker, longer lasting results. For optimum results, the formula works best taken in conjunction with other GOLD COLLAGEN liquid food supplements. . If you are taking the award-winning GOLD COLLAGEN liquid supplements, you can take the liquid supplements in the morning, and the Hyaluronic Formula tablet in the evening.