Bally & Rhuigi Villaseñor Break Up After Just 17 Months

Luxury label Bally has parted ways with creative director Rhuigi Villaseñor who held the role for just 17 months, according to reporting by WWD. After his appointment in January of last year, Villaseñor lead Bally’s return to the runway, starting with a ready-to-wear show held in Milan in September 2022, followed by a sophomore collection presented in February.

Bally & Rhuigi Villaseñor Break Up

The company declined to comment on what lead to Villaseñor’s early departure. Though the company doesn’t provide Bally revenue figues, according to WWD, year-to-date sales rose 20 percent compared with 2022.

While Villaseñor described his experience at Bally as an “incredible honor” in a press releasee, on Twitter he appeared to imply there were clashes over decision making. “It’s important for the future and the kids I’m paving way for to have a proper road map, that leads them to proper enterprise value. Always focus on what you own and build the world u wish to have, never compromise your values or culture for anything,” he wrote. In a second tweet, he added, “Be causal, have full control of ur actions and ur destiny.”

The Bally Break Up

Born in Manila, Philippines, and raised in Los Angeles, Villaseñor will continue to operate Rhude, a label he founded in 2015.

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