Glossier Launch First Ever Bronzer, Solar Paint

Glossier have recently launched their most requested product. Solar Paint is a weightless, luminous crème bronzer, ready to give you that ultimate summer glow. 

Solar paint was created to capture the warm glow you would get from spending the day under the sun.

“It’s about the feeling. Like you just had the perfect day and you’re all glowy and bronzed as a bonus.”

Glossier via Instagram

The gel crème bronzer is infused with what the brand call ‘Desert Milk’ – a micro-emulsion of plant oils and extracts like Aloe and Jojoba. This adds a conditioning and nourishing effect to the product. Therefore, making it easy to blend seamlessly onto the skin. 

Tips from a professional

Glossier also added a doe-foot applicator to the bronzer for extra precise use. Makeup Artist, Fatimot Isadare, recommends applying “directly from the applicator to your face and blending out using a circular tapping motion with your fingers.”

Additionally, Makeup Artist, Ceclia Burton explains the multiple ways in which the bronzer can be used. Burton suggests using any leftover bronzer to define and intensify the eyes. Taking the applicator and lightly applying and blending onto the eyelids can give a warm, bronzed eye look. 

As well as that, a fuller pout is achievable with Solar Paint. As a final step in your makeup, simply dot a small amount of product on top of the cupid’s bow and underneath the centre of the bottom lip. Then, blend the product out along the edge of the mouth to shade around the lips. Ultimately, creating a fuller lip shape. 

Four shades available

Good Housekeeping

Solar Paint comes in four shades. 

  • Flare is a light, neutral bronze with gold pearl for fair-light skin tones. 
  • Ray is a medium, warm bronze with gold pearl for light-medium skin tones. 
  • Heat is a rich, brown bronze with gold pearl for tan-deep skin tones. 
  • Volt is a deep, red bronze with copper pear for deep-rich skin tones.

The light-reflecting pearls added to the bronzer create a realistic sun-kissed effect. Each hue of pearl fine-tuned to complement each range of skin tones. 

Customer reviews

‘My newest summer staple’

I’ve loved using solar paint and how it warms up my complexion. It gives me the perfect sun-kissed look!

‘About time for a solar paint!’

I will definitely be ordering more shades to match my skin during different seasons and to use as eyeshadow.

‘0% orange, 100% sun’

This is so perfect. Everybody else can close up shop and stop making bronzers. It blends super smoothly, even over my thickest sunscreen. Literally a dream. 


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