10 Nail Art Trends for Spring 2021

Guess what? It’s officially spring! 

The season of new life and new beginnings. The blooming and blossoming of life and all the colours around us. 

With personal care premises, such as nail salons and hairdressers reopening soon, it is the perfect time to plan ahead of your beauty appointments. 

I don’t know about you, but my Instagram is always full of nail art. From pastels to abstract designs, I am filled with so many ideas that I wouldn’t know what to ask for if I had a nail appointment tomorrow!

If you feel the same or just need a new sense of nail art inspiration, I’ve got you covered! 

Scroll on for some of my favourite nail trends to try right now.

Abstract Swirls 

Abstract nails in general are on the rise on Instagram. But this swirled design is what I see at least 5 times a day and I am not mad about it at all. 

There is so much creative freedom when it comes to this design. You can choose a variety of colours to work with, or even stick to one colour and explore the different shades within that range. 

Coloured French Tips

A colourful twist on a classic nail design. While the classic French tip manicure will always be on trend, adding a pop of colour can really make a difference. 

Colours such as sage green, milky nudes, brown and pastels are in this season! 

Love Hearts

I’m completely lovestruck for this style of nail art! 

There is so much you can do with this design. Cute mini heart designs, having the tip completely heart shaped, or perhaps have it designed in a way that the whole nail is a heart in a variation of colours (as shown above). 

Flower Power

The perfect nail art for a season all about blossoming! 

Rainbow Nails

Via – Pinterest

The perfect design to play with patterns and colour. With Pride approaching in a few months, stay ahead of the game by getting rainbow nail art at your next nail appointment!

Ombre Nails

Via – Pinterest

Ombre nail art is perfect for playing with colour and gradient! 

Milky Manicure

Via – Pinterest

As mentioned, milky neutral tones are popular this year and will always be a really simple and classy form of nail art. 

Limo-scene, Sugar daddy and Marshmallow are three nail polishes by Essie that are perfect for achieving this look. 

Flame Nails

Via – Weheartit

A design that will always be on trend. Kylie Jenner, who loves her nail art, debuted her flame nails in 2019. It has since been a go-to design for many!

Animal Print

Whether it’s cow print, leopard print or zebra print, animal nail art is one that will always be on trend!

Have fun with it! Choose a different animal print for each nail or go crazy with colour! 

Mix n Match

Can’t decide on one design or theme? Then, why not pick something different for each nail? This form of nail art is all about creativity and experimentation! 

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