Valentine’s Gifts for the Dapper Men in Your Life

Searching for a Valentine’s Day gift can be a source of stress for some people because they want a gift tailored to their partner’s personality and style and something that shows how much they mean to them. If you’re looking for the best gifts for him this Valentine’s Day, you may need help finding something that meets the criteria of – will he use this? Does it compliment his personality? And, if he’s sartorially minded, is it stylish enough? If you’re shopping for a Dapper Dan this Valentine’s Day, keep reading to learn Valentine’s Gifts he will love and be reminded of you each time he uses them. 

Rectangular Watch 

While the trend of wristwatches falls out of favor in women’s fashion from time to time, the iconic wristwatch has been a mainstay of men’s fashion accessories for hundreds of years. Right now, top stylists and designers favor rectangle watches, making them a trendy and timeless Valentine’s Gift. Include a love note in your Valentine’s Day card that reminds him you will always love him.

Cashmere Beanie 

There’s nothing quite like the coziness and luxury of a cashmere sweater – but chances are, if your guy is into fashion, he already owns one; you may have even given him one for Christmas. Since Valentine’s Day occurs in the middle of winter, opt for a cashmere beanie instead. Whether he has a full head of hair or keeps things high and tight, he’ll appreciate the luxurious feel of the cashmere and how it keeps his head as warm as the love you two share. 

Men’s Cologne 

Any dapper individual knows that the proverbial cherry on top of his stylish outfit is his impeccable grooming – even if it leans grunge. One of the most important parts of our grooming routines is the fragrances we use to smell amazing and boost our confidence. Men’s cologne is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift whether he owns none or already has several in his rotation. Fragrances have also been proven to be an aphrodisiac and something that boosts attraction, both of which are imperative to a successful Valentine’s Day date. 

Mohair Cardigan 

Another textile that feels like heaven is Mohair, and your guy may or may not already own some Mohair pieces. With everything preppy in trend right now, a Mohair cardigan makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Not only will it keep him on trend, but he’ll also feel like a million bucks in its soft and recognizable texture. If you want to kick this gift up a notch, opt for an in-vogue preppy pattern like plaid, Houndstooth, or argyle.

Wayfarer Shades 

While sunglass trends come and go, the tried and true cream of the crop style is the Wayfarer. With a preppy aesthetic reigning the runways, not to mention a nod to the nineties, a pair of Wayfarer glasses are right on time for Valentine’s Day since spring is around the corner. While it may still be chilly outside, protect your guy’s eyes with a pair of classic black or elevated tortoise shell Wayfarer sunglasses. Perhaps a note that says, “I only have eyes for you.”

Corduroy Jacket 

Whether your guy has a timeless capsule wardrobe, leans preppy, modern, or even grunge, a corduroy jacket will give him elevated Wes Anderson vibes that flatter every aesthetic. Opt for a beautiful rich caramel color for the full effect, or something edgier like black or navy corduroy – you might want to include a lint roller with those, though! Corduroy jackets are a great transitional piece from winter to spring, and though Valentine’s is in the thick of winter, in less than two months – or sooner, depending on where you live – he’ll be grateful for an on-trend piece to keep him cozy during seasonal weather transitions. 

Shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts should be as fun and exciting as the first time you two matched on an app or went on your first date. The above items will be well received by any guy worth his weight in fashion sense, so choose any of them confidently to convey how special your fellow is to you this Valentine’s Day.

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