Unveiling the Hottest Women’s Fall Fashion Trends

Stay ahead of the fashion curve this season with StyleCartel’s guide to fall trends. Explore statement-making pieces, bold colors, and luxurious fabrics. From timeless trenchcoats to feathers and bold shades like red, metallics, and yellow, Fall’23 is all about making a statement. Embrace your soft and feminine side with pastel and sorbet hues, or opt for oversized silhouettes and bold shoulders for a bolder look. For a touch of nostalgia, embrace the 2000s trend that’s here to slay. Stay both cozy and chic with maxi coats, add an edgy touch with leather pieces, and master the art of layering for a stylish autumn ensemble. Explore must-have pieces and get inspired to elevate your fall wardrobe.

This season’s trends for fall present a captivating nostalgia, elegance, statement pieces, and personalized style, all seamlessly blended together. With such a diverse range of collections, there is undoubtedly something for every fashionista.


Get ready to slay the streets this fall as trench coats step into the spotlight! Say goodbye to basic outerwear. This season, trench coats take center stage with modern updates and fresh interpretations. Whether you’re a trendsetter or just love to turn heads, these revamped trench coats are an absolute must-have for your wardrobe. Here at StyleCartel, we are absolutely obsessed with the fresh and diverse interpretations of trench coats this season designers have brought to the table.


At StyleCartel we are getting ready to amp up the opulence and the drama by adding statement feather pieces into our wardrobe. Feathers have always been associated with luxury and elegance, but this time they’re making a bold statement on runways. Trends 

Whether it’s delicate feather trims or full-on feathered garments, this trend brings an ethereal beauty and sophistication to any outfit. Hold on StyleCartel readers, there’s more! Feathers are not just limited to clothing. They’re taking over the accessory game too. Feathered handbags, shoes, and even earrings are stealing the spotlight, instantly leveling up any look basic outfit.


Bold Colors

We are saying goodbye to the days of muted and subtle tones for fall. This season we are inspired by the designers who are diving headfirst into bold and vibrant colors. Bringing our #OOTD with a burst of energy, excitement and making head turns from every angle.

The bold colors trend is all about celebrating your individuality and expressing yourself. One of the standout trends for Fall 2023 is the fearless use of monochromatic looks. Designers are flaunting head-to-toe collections in striking reds, electric blues, vivid greens, hot pinks and daring yellows.

This monochromatic styling creates a commanding and harmonious statement, allowing the color to steal the show and leave a lasting impression. Are you trying monochromatic look for the fall?  

Pastel Palette


Did you believed that a soft palette could only be worn in the spring? Think Again! Get ready to embrace a palette that is softer and more romantic as pastels step into the spotlight this season. 

Designers are seamlessly incorporating these delicate and soothing hues into their collections, offering a refreshing twist to the typical autumn color palette. Runway designers are creating head-to-toe outfits in soft shades of lavender, blush pink, powder blue, yellow and mint green.

These monochromatic ensembles create a harmonious and ethereal aesthetic, showcasing a sense of femininity and grace. At StyleCartel, we are absolutely loving the new soft palette for autumn and fully embracing it this upcoming Fall.

Oversize + Bold Shoulders

Turn up the volume with oversized coats and bold shoulders leading the way.The oversized coat trend takes major inspo from the fashion of the ’80s and ’90s, when exaggerated silhouettes and strong shoulders ruled the runway. But don’t worry, designers are giving it a modern twist to keep things fresh and exciting for Fall.

You’ll definitely want to get your hands on an oversized coat this fall. They’re not only super cozy, but also totally stylish. Think longline silhouettes, exaggerated proportions, and voluminous shapes that instantly elevate any outfit. Get ready to bring the drama and sophistication wherever you go. 

Make a statement with bold shoulders making a major comeback. Designers are going all out with shoulder-enhancing techniques like padding, ruffles, pleats, and architectural shapes. This trend is all about empowering individuals and showcasing confidence through style. You’ll feel like a total boss rocking those strong shoulders. I know I do!


2000’s [ Y2K ]

Are you nostalgic for 2000’s? We at StyleCartel definitely are. Well guess what, Y2K is here to slay! Drawing inspiration from the bold and eclectic fashion of the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Y2K trend embodies a vibrant and futuristic vision that defined the era. It was a time marked by technological advancements, pop culture icons, and a spirit of optimism.

Today, designers are revisiting this period, remixing with a modern twist to create a fresh and dynamic aesthetic for Fall 2023. Get ready to rock the low-rise trend with baggy denim and skirts that sit low on the hips. Ruffles will also make a trendy statement. Channel the iconic looks of J-LO and Britney Spears on the red carpet for inspiration.

Get creative with layering to add depth and intrigue to your outfits. Mix and match crop tops with low-rise jeans, layer mesh or sheer tops over vibrant tanks, or try pairing oversized jackets with mini skirts. Experiment with different silhouettes to strike a balance between fitted and loose-fitting pieces for a Y2K look. 


Leather is a forever favorite when it comes to making a fashion statement. It doesn’t matter  whether it is spring trends, fall, or winter – leather is remains in style. Fall 2023 is no exception, as this versatile fabric takes the spotlight once again. We at StyleCartel are obsessed with leather everything! I personally own leather trench coats for that matrix feel. Get ready this season for some killer outerwear options this season. Playing with leather jackets in all sorts of silhouettes, from classic biker styles to tailored blazers.

Leather skirts come in various lengths, from mini to midi, giving you endless options to create different looks. For those seeking a sleek and modern look, leather pants and trousers are a go-to choice. Are you a straight-leg leather pant or wide-leg kind of fashionista? Accessories are not to be forgotten this fall. Leather handbags, belts, boots, and gloves are making a strong presence. Incorporating leather accessories into your outfit instantly elevates your style!


Last but not least, layers. I have to admit this trend totally caught me off guard! I’m not usually one to embrace the whole layering game – I’d rather risk catching a cold than compromise my style. But I have to say, the way they rocked those layers on the runway this season has totally changed my mind. It’s like a whole new world of styling possibilities for Fall, and I’m ready to dive in headfirst to these trends. Who else is layering this season?

The spotlight this season is on layers. From snuggly knits to ruffle jackets, layering is not just a practical choice for cooler days but also a stylish way to add depth and dimension to your outfits. Get ready to rock those layers and make a fashion statement this season.

Need help shopping for fall? Stay tuned for our “Shop for Fall” guide.

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Nejilka Arias

Born and raised in New York City, Nejilka is first generation American in her Dominican heritage. Nejilka explores the style expressions of femininity & masculinity. To her style is something highly personal. She isn’t afraid of being herself and changing up her look. With her quirky personality and unique style she has gained recognition from the fashion industry. In 2020, Sorbet Magazine named her as one of the creatives to watch.