The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner in the UK, but what do you give the man who already has everything?

Well here at Style Cartel, we are here to help! We have brought together the best gifts you should looking at, for the special man in your life.


For the man who would rather climb Mt. Snowdon than lay on the beach, D-Robe have the perfect range. Their durable pieces are perfect for any adventure, but stylish enough to use all year round. Out favourite is the roll-top rucksack, light-weight enough for a hike, but multi-functional with it’s own laptop storage compartments for that office commute.

D-Robe Roll-Top Rucksack



Priding themselves on honest British ingredients and methods tried and tested by science, Olivanna is at the forefront of natural skincare in the UK. Independent clinical trials confirm everything you would want to know about these natural skincare products; and this men’s essential kit is the perfect gift whether he is a beginner or experienced skincare-goer.

Olivanna Men’s Essential Kit


Nourish London

Created by Dr Pauline Hill, renowned for their expertise in organic skincare with over 30 years experience, this British brand harnesses the power of natural ingredients to work alongside your skin to help it looking healthy and protected.

Nourish London Argan and Kale Collection



We recently celebrated World Environment Day (5th June), and in celebration of this TORE has released the first ever 100% recycled socks. The eco-friendly socks are made from recycled plastic bottles, and are certified by the Textile Exchange Organisation so you are safe in the knowledge they have industry recognition for work and achievements.

TORE socks


Bed Threads

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best methods of self-care anyone can do, and Bed Threads saw that people were always struggling with what to wear to stay comfortable over night. After struggling to find what they were looking for, Bed Threads was created with the goal of providing high quality, affordable, 100% linen sleepwear.

Bed Threads Menswear Set


Wax London

Born in 2015, by three London friends with the aim to produce sartorial elegance without breaking the bank; Wax London recently released Drop 3 of their SS23 range, featuring bolder, brighter colour palettes taken from their interpretation of Seville; but keeping sustainability and design at he forefront of all their work.

Wax London



Founded in 2012, the AVI-8 brand inspiration and design excellence originates from the collaboration between pilots and engineers who served in air forces around the world. This combination of design, attention to detail, and passion has resulted in the success that is the AVI-8 story; where every collection is an explicit homage to the planes, people and history of military aviation.

AVI-8 Hawker Typhoon



Finding new footwear brands can sometimes be a struggle, as you don’t want to choose something only for it to break apart after only wearing it once. So finding a brand that not only prides itself on its’ quality and craftsmanship, as well as being a family brand with sustainability at the forefront of its’ mission seems impossible right? Well not anymore, thanks to INUIKII.

Meaning “the beauty of the cold”, these shoes come in a variety of styles, perfect for summer, winter and all the weather in-between.

INUIKII Men’s Shoes



After living a life in the spotlight and excessively drinking and partying for most of his 20’s, Spencer Matthews has lived the life some may dream (and some may dread). But born out this lifestyle came CleanCo – a non-alcoholic beverage brands that hits the notes and flavours of traditional spirits without the alcohol and accompanying hangovers.

With Whiskey, Rum and Gin alternatives in their roster, as well as being vegan and low calorie, these drinks don’t have to force you to cut out alcohol, but give you the option to do so in the knowledge that you won’t be compromising on taste or the social experience.

CleanCo Clean W (Whiskey Alternative)



The story of Olverum began in 1920’s Germany, where a wine-maker and key enthusiast of travel and essential oils (Franz Otto Klein) came across his favourite blend at a spa in Baden-Baden. Throughout his global travels, he never found any better; when suddenly his spa announced that they no longer stock this oil. In a moment of bravery, he decided to combine his passion of oils with his knowledge of wine making, to produce the perfect blend of therapeutic oils. Little did Franz know that almost a century later his company would still be producing some of the finest products in luxury self-care, with the original ethos of natural wellbeing and only using the best of ingredients still at the forefront of the company’s statement.

Olverum Restful Pillow Mist