Rick Owens X Dr. Martens Drop 1460 & 1918 Boot Collab

Designer Ricks Owens unites energies with Dr. Martens for his third collaboration launching this week. The fall 2022 capsule consists of two boot styles, the 1460 offering in black leather and the 1918 featuring a striking, platinum-coloured cowskin upper.

Rick Owens X Dr. Martens Drop 1460 & 1918

Campaign images feature performance artist Ron Athey, who Owens has known for over 40 years through their days taking part in Los Angeles’ nascent punk scene. “The first time Dr. Martens registered for me was when I saw them on Ron in the early ’90s when he was working at the most intimidatingly authentic punk store on Melrose Avenue,” Owens said in an exchange with WWD.

Dr. Martens Drop 1460 & 1918 Boot Collab

His enduring connection with Dr. Martens, Owens said in a press release, “When I was a teen and becoming physically aware, I saw how a tightly laced ankle leading to a broad, solidly planted foot had a simple, modest, industrial masculinity, almost like a corset between a muscled calf and a sturdy foot that acted as a stoic ballast. Dr. Martens exemplified this best. I saw them on all the guys flying through the air at the (rock) shows. I went to Fear, Black Flag, The Screamers, and Alien Sex Fiend.

Dr. Martens became a symbol of a raw and sweaty vitality that I thought I might be able to pull off… and for a minute, I think I did.

“Coming full circle to partner with Dr. Martens 40 years later leads me to lace them with pearl-coloured cotton laces in a geometric pattern that I often use as a symbol of our eternal collective search for rational order: signs of hope and affectionate blessing on the perpetual reckless of youth.”

Priced at $370 and $750, Dr. Martens and Rick Owens 1460 and 1918 boots launch on drmartens.com on October 14th.

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Photo Credit: Rick Owens  &  Dr. Martens