Recovery Hotspot Stockholm Nobis Hotel Review

The past two years were life-changing. Living my best life has all new meaning after surviving a coma during the pandemic. One of my passions is travelling. Now added to the list of requirements is discovering a Recovery Hotspot like Stockholm’s Nobis Hotel. Luxury travel is always the way to go.  

Recovery Hotspot Stockholm Nobis Hotel Review

This luxury hotel has stepped up its food game, becoming a top destination for tourists and locals to hang out. So we sipped on cocktails in the Gold bar and people watched. We saw a lot of locals having a date with their dogs. We also enjoyed a meal at Noi restaurant during our stay.

The Nobis Hotel Story


Normalising #Self Love One of my passions is travelling. Now added to the list of requirements is discovering a Recovery Hotspot like Stockholm’s Nobis Hotel.      We got #stockholmsyndrome 📸 & travel buddy @Angela B #visitstockholm #travel #blackgirlswhotravel #Stockholm #luxurytravel #europe #nordics #fypシ #foryouviral #winterbreak #streetwear #tourist #recoverytravels #TeamUSATryout

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Original 1800s features match perfectly with the timeless Scandinavian design. We got Stockholm syndrome, looking up at the ceiling in the former bank, now a Luxury Hotel hotspot, reminiscing about a Riad in Morroco while listening to the story of the building.

After spending a few days with one foot in the archipelago and the other in the city outskirts of Stockholm, we were ready to relax and do some retail therapy. So we checked into a Superior Room at the Nobis Hotel. With room decor furnishings of natural materials such as wool, wood, stone, leather, glass and fine Egyptian cotton linen and bedding. 

Our Stay in Superior Rooms

The Superior Rooms serve as an exclusive business travellers’ work and relaxation paradise, with a view of the square and a private oasis in the city centre of Stockholm. We were a short walk from Luxury shops and Nordic best-loved homegrown brands. Centrally near the square Norrmalmstorg, in Stockholm’s heart of the Östermalm shopping district. Several Swedish flagship stores will be outside the doors, including Acne, Hope, Sephora, Rodebjer and Hope, and Biblioteksgatan and department store NK next to it. A short walk away is the Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten), the city park Djurgården, and nearby, the National and Modern museum. The area is also full of nightclubs, bars and


Hotspot Stockholm

We relished in a luxury room with Egyptian cotton, a gym, a sauna, popup beauty esthetics and spa-like HEAT by Sophia Lie at Nobis Hotel Recovery Lounge – Room 155. On this stop in Stockholm, we skipped the gym and scenic walks, booked a girl’s weekend, and an afternoon with the HEATgirls. 


Recovery Hotspot Stockholm HEAT at Nobis Hotel Review We are looking to find more hip and healthy places in Stockholm, so we booked a room and a spa date with HEAT by Sophia Lie at Nobis Hotel Recovery Lounge Nobis Hotel – Room 155.  HEAT offers private, full-spectrum infrared sauna, compression therapy, LED light therapy and LPG massage. 📸 & travel buddy @trendmaison #nailart @flynailslondon #visitstockholm #travel #blackgirlswhotravel #Stockholm #luxurytravel #foryoupage #lifestyle #fypシ゚viral  #thingstodoinstocholm #stockholm  #sweden #infraredsauna #compressiontherapy #LPGmassage #selfcare #LymphaticTreatments #comasurvier

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Hotspot Review

After a long day of shopping & shopping, we enjoyed a place for loving connoisseurs and conscious business travellers. We enjoyed champagne and french fries in the majestic lounge, dressed up, created fashion outfit posts for social media and boogied down to the hotel’s restaurant NOI for dinner. 


Hotspot Stockholm Nobis Hotel #ootd We dressed up, created fashion outfit posts for social media and boogied down to the hotel’s restaurant NOI for dinner.  📸 & travel buddy @trendmaison #nailart @flynailslondon #visitstockholm #travelblogger #blackgirlswhotravel #Stockholm #luxurytravel #nature #lifestyle #foodies  #thingstodoinstocholm #fypシ゚viral #fypシ

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They served a splendid dinner in the hotel restaurant. Which served modern European cuisine family-style, with lots to share. Everything we tried was beautifully presented, starting with liquorice fragrant sweetbread with Jerusalem artichoke puree.

For mains, dry-aged beef on salt stone was served with béarnaise, red wine reduction, and a choice of sides. The meat was succulent and tender, and the potato and Jerusalem artichoke gratin were perfectly creamy, not overcooked. 

Hotspot Stockholm Nobis

We also ordered a mixture of Italian and Swedish favourites, like the hearty stew, risotto and more cinnamon and apple desserts. Enjoyed the conversation with our friendly waiter, who told us about life in Stockholm and all the famous music producers and songwriter’s music scene in Sweden. Then off to bed on a foggy night in Stockholm.

Style Decor

Now ready for a good night’s sleep in our hotel room with the DUX beds made with Egyptian cotton sheets. Which was designed by architect and design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. High ceilings in all rooms create a sense of space and air. The Superior Rooms have a separate sitting area and workstation. Our room had views over the square Norrmalmstorg and Berzelii park. 

Recovery Hotspot Stockholm Nobis Hotel Review

The spacious bathrooms, with tubs and showers, are dressed in Carrara marble from floor to ceiling. We enjoyed a walk-in shower in bathrooms outfitted with white Carrara marble throughout. In addition, Nobis Hotel includes toiletries from the Swedish fragrance house Byredo. 


The two historic structures that make up the hotel date from the 1800s and feature wooden staircases and stone floors. A fun fact is the marked-up drill holes in the gym changing room, the site of the infamous heist in 1973 where hostages sympathised with the robbers, not the police, leading to the term “Stockholm Syndrome”.

There is a light and airy feeling when entering. The lobby, with huge paper lamps and a marble floor, makes a great space to hang out and relax. The interior by Claesson Koivisto Rune is inspired by the dark season in Stockholm. The atrium-styled, high-ceilinged lounge area has an impressive Örrefors chandelier. In the Gold Bar, the walls and ceiling are gold-plated.


The Nobis Hotel Relaxation area and gym are open 24 hours a day and are equipped with the latest machines and two saunas. One steam sauna and one dry sauna. If desired, you can book a session with a personal trainer.

Food and Drink

The staff is mostly friendly and helpful. We struck up conversations with everyone who gave us tips on where to go shopping. Always with a smile, too, this recovery vacation hotspot was a pleasure.

Nobis Hotel Review

The atmosphere was joyful and party-like; if you’re sensitive to loud music, this may be something other than your cup of tea. Besides the Gold Bar, Noi has a great list of well-balanced cocktails.

Recovery Hotspot Stockholm Nobis Hotel Review

Breakfast includes a wide selection of warm foods such as omelette, bacon and pancakes, cold cuts, cheese, fresh fruits and pastries.

Hotspot Stockholm Nobis

The bread is homemade and healthy.

One of our favourites was the porridge with homemade apple sauce and the vegan special with roasted potatoes, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and spices.

It was a treat to have so many vegetarian options to choose from. 

The only flaw was the noise from nearby clubs and the film festival publicity. However, it wasn’t that bad after a spa day, and a comfortable bed made for it. 

Overall we had a lovely stay, and the hotel room was large enough for two women to get ready for a fun night out, whether you wanted to stay in the hotel or venture out. We felt safe and secure the entire time. Most important, it was the perfect end to our recovery hotspot weekend getaway. Bonus shopping and the train to the airport were 10 min away.

Nobis Hotel Stockholm

Norrmalmstorg 2-4

111 46Stockholm

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