Top Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time of many women, but it can be quite challenging at the same time. With so many hormonal changes happening in our bodies and affecting our minds, it’s never been more important to take care of yourselves. We selected our favourite products that will help you to go through this magical time feeling more beautiful and rested.

Snuz Curve Pregnancy Pillow


The brand-new pregnancy pillow has been meticulously designed to ensure pregnant women are sleeping correctly, comfortably and getting those all-important ZZZ’s ahead of the sleepless nights. The uniquely shaped pillow seamlessly curves around the pregnant figure and growing bump, and thanks to its innovative KneeBlade design, guides you into the correct sleeping position. Taking the pressure off hips, legs and ankles, it also supports the upper body, creates a neutral spine posture, relieves pressure on the bump and ultimately keeps mums-to-be comfy.

Burt’s Bees Mama Collection


This special mummy bodycare collection includes some hero products such as Body Butter, blended to soothe skin through the 9-month stretch of pregnancy. This rich Belly Butter will keep your growing belly soft, smooth and comfortable before and after your new arrival. Our second favourite is lightweight Body Oil. The formula conditions and nourishes skin without leaving a greasy residue so you can feel refreshed and pampered all 9-months of pregnancy.

Kit & Kin Pregnancy Kit


This natural skincare bundle is the perfect natural indulgence for Mum! The set includes a body butter, which contains a blend of naturally nourishing butters and oils, producing a deeply moisturising thick and creamy formula that leaves your skin hydrated and gloriously silky smooth. The breast balm cools, heals and protects sensitive nipples, whilst the stretch mark oil contains 15 naturally nourishing oils that will keep your skin supple and stretch mark free. Approved by dermatologists and certified natural by the soil association, all Kit & Kin skincare products are made without any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

My Expert Midwife Hospital Bag Set

This midwife developed and curated pre-packed hospital bag set will help you through labour and provide instant relief after birth and those first few days and weeks postpartum. This hospital bag is pre-packed with six of essential labour products:

  • NEW Spritz for Labour to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep
  • Labour Rollerball to keep you calm and reduce stress in the body
  • Award-winning Spritz for Bits for instant post birth relief for the perineum
  • Soak for Bits for those first few postpartum baths
  • No Harm Nipple Balm provides fast relief and protection for breastfeeding mums
  • Spritz for Clean Hands which kills 99.9% bacteria, protecting hands without drying them out

Seraphine Waterfall Maternity Cardigan


Transition the seasons in style with our ultra-soft cloud grey waterfall maternity cardigan. Finely knit in cotton and cashmere, this feminine cardigan is perfect for throwing over your shoulders on those cooler evenings. You can wear the relaxed style open, or secure it at your shoulders to create a soft cowl neckline and an asymmetrical draped look. You can even team it with your nursing clothes after baby is born & use the draped front as a handy breastfeeding cover.

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

For moms and Mother Earth too -Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra just got more sustainable. Specially made with Bravado Designs Eco-Adapt fabric it’s knit with recycled nylon that is kinder to the planet for a luxurious, silky soft feeling against your skin. 360° stretch that hugs your body as it changes in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pair it with their seamless panties for extra comfort during pregnancy as well as breastfeeding period.