Parisian Vintage Shop En Voiture SIMONE + French Artist Natacha Paschal Exhibition

Paris in the Spring is my favourite time of year, so if you want something to do this spring, we have you covered. Everyone knows Paris is for that Luxe Life and art. The very select Parisian vintage boutique En Voiture SIMONE is exhibiting the works of French artist Natacha Paschal until the end of spring.

En Voiture SIMONE + French Artist Natacha Paschal

Parisian Vintage Shop En Voiture SIMONE  + French Artist Natacha Paschal Exhibition

Inspired by fashion, beauty magazines and glossy advertisements, Natacha Paschal’s work responds to popular culture and offers a satirical look at current social facts. Consider Chanel, Dior et Fendi bags, painted on Cardboard by Natacha Paschal. They could be stunning on your wall in the parlour. 

Parisian Vintage Shop En Voiture SIMONE  + French Artist Natacha Paschal Exhibition
About Natacha Paschal


Natacha Paschal is a Parisian artist. The reflection of her work revolves around the power of the feminine and the place of women in society. Between feminism and spirituality, she questions the representation of women in the mass media and the standards of beauty they convey. 

Her accessible style with bold brushstrokes echoes the urgency to fight against a patriarchal society and regain control of our bodies, souls and spirits. In her creative process, she hopes to offer a space to invite women to dare to be fully themselves and embrace their nature and uniqueness.

Natacha Paschal feeds on the inexhaustible source of inspiration that is her fashion magazines and luxury advertisements, lending herself to reinterpretations between glamour and burlesque of these women with exaggerated expressions and postures, invariably decked out with this giant red mouth.

She works on the place of women in our society and their representation in mainstream popular culture, turning, between attraction and repulsion, around this feminine ideal that the media constantly impose on us. Her style with lively and spontaneous brushstrokes recalls the urgency to fight more than ever against a patriarchal society and regain power over our bodies and lives through, as Gloria Steinem says, “scandalous actions and daily rebellions “.

About En voiture SIMONE…

Parisian Vintage Shop En Voiture SIMONE  + French Artist Natacha Paschal Exhibition

Trained as a graphic designer and painter, Amel Annana has been bargain-hunting since 15. She started with her mother in garage sales. Over time her expertise has been refined, and so has her taste. After several professional lives, she decided to start in 2016.

Amel is a fan of the great designers of the 1970s and 1980s, particularly Kansai Yamamoto, Anne-Marie Beretta, Claude Montana and YSL or other more confidential designers such as France Andrevie or Christian Aujard.

If Amel had to describe her vintage, it would be a specialized and sharp vintage, modern, and by that, she means that we can wear every day, whether eccentric or more classic.

She favours natural materials, cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, etc. The cut of the garment, its “cut”, and the quality of the textiles are her first requirement before the brand. Although often, the two come together.

Whether you are looking for the nugget or the perfect oversized blazer jacket, rock and vintage t-shirt or cowboy boots, En voiture SIMONE… is here!

This spring, shop vintage finds and look at art.


6 rue du Perche 75003 Paris

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