Officine Générale SS24 Quiet Luxury

Officine Générale unveils SS2024 collection, showcasing a stunning development from the monochrome silhouettes of the previous season. Renowned designer Pierre’s love for using similar shades from head to toe has been a signature style, and this season, he takes it a step further by infusing warmth and bringing a brighter direction into the collection’s palette.

Inspired by the cold and rainy months in Paris, Pierre embarked on a  journey to break the mood with color, lightness, optimism, and simplicity. The vision was to be away from any excess and free the designs from unnecessary details, allowing the focus to shift towards the exquisite materials. Rather than adding, Pierre explored the art of removing, lightening, and stripping away, resulting in a collection that speaks the language of simplified elegance. Featuring a classic, clean lines and refined details that align with the preppy aesthetic.

Pierre contemplated whether simplifying could become a language in itself, ultimately defining the mood of the season. The stylistic exercise became almost introspective, transcending the realm of mere clothing and embodying a philosophy of life and a way of being. In line with the theme of simplicity, Pierre also took the opportunity to lighten up the show notes, allowing the garments to speak for themselves. 

Overall, Officine Générale SS24 showcases elegance at its finest, skillfully capturing the essence of simplicity. Pierre’s remarkable craftsmanship shines through in the collection. The collection exudes a sense of quiet luxury, with each garment thoughtfully tailored to perfection. Pierre’s unwavering dedication to innovation, elegance, and the power of simplicity is evident throughout the collection. Officine Générale SS24 is perfect for fashionistas who appreciate minimalistic or quiet luxury styles. If you seek a flawlessly tailored and preppy approach to fashion, this collection is tailored specifically for you.

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Nejilka Arias

Born and raised in New York City, Nejilka is first generation American in her Dominican heritage. Nejilka explores the style expressions of femininity & masculinity. To her style is something highly personal. She isn’t afraid of being herself and changing up her look. With her quirky personality and unique style she has gained recognition from the fashion industry. In 2020, Sorbet Magazine named her as one of the creatives to watch.