Meet Lynda Harding sharing invaluable parenting advice

Combining her experience from over 30 years’ running a day nursery and her knowledge creating one of the world’s most iconic sleep aids, ewan the dream sheep, Lynda Harding is in a truly unique position. Now taking social media by storm with her sleep tips, Lynda has become a viral sensation with her accounts reaching millions views and likes every day.


Day to day Lynda is still very much a businesswoman, splitting her time between running the Sweet Dreamers brand, or at the helm of her day nursery in Hampshire, it is thanks to her unquestionable knowledge of working with little ones for many years that she has now secured a position as a trusted safer sleep advocate and expert. Thousands of new parents turn to Lynda’s TikTok and Instagram accounts where she shares handy hints and genuinely useful tips on getting little ones some shut eye, as well as the importance of sleep safety.

From guiding parents on how to dress babies for bed in the soaring summer temperatures, to sleep routines and even newborn sleep facts, Lynda’s TikTok account is full of information to help and support her 180k followers to achieve healthy sleep habits for their little ones. One particular piece of advice on how to transfer a sleeping baby into their cot without waking them, saw Lynda become an international hit with millions of parents around the world, as well as gaining almost 10 million views and 102k likes over on Instagram too!


Lynda’s knowledge from running a nursery for over 3 decades is reason enough to nurture this newfound online presence but having also committed over 14 years to creating and successfully selling millions of her innovative, ewan the dream sheep, a product she developed because her 6th child wouldn’t sleep; Lynda sure knows a thing or two about helping little ones get forty winks! And, thanks to her calm, honest and friendly approach, the mother, childcare expert, and sleep guru, has become an overnight sensation!

It truly is no surprise that Lynda has become an expert in her field, but it was during the COVID-19 pandemic when she realised her unrivalled knowledge could help families while isolated at home. Taking to TikTok, Lynda started sharing her expertise with sleep deprived parents, who, due to the reduction in face-to-face meetings with healthcare professionals, were naturally lacking some of the key support needed in those first weeks and months. We  decided to ask Lynda 3 very important questions, that we feel every parent wants to know the answer to.

What really soothes restless babies?

It’s been well documented that the so called fourth trimester can mean that some babies find it difficult to transition into life in the outside world, and may need more help to settle and soothe themselves than others. By emulating conditions in the womb with sleep aids such as Ewan Deluxe, it provides comfort and much needed calm for upset babies, and therefore help them to sleep better. White or pink noise machines are an ideal way to recreate these womb conditions by emitting soothing sounds which comfort babies as they remind them of their time in the womb. Combine this with a swaying movement, this motion soothes and calms, and is the reason why babies often fall asleep in the car or out in the pram. It’s thought that swaying best replicates the movements baby feels in the womb when mum is walking. Finally sucking – some babies have a very strong sucking reflex, so sucking on a dummy, teat or nipple can be comforting and soothing for many.

How to teach newborns to fall asleep in their own cots? 

Something that can work for many babies, is the “Comfort Hold”. Gently place your baby down to sleep in their cot, crib or Moses basket whist they are drowsy but not completely asleep; although, if they are already asleep, you can try this method too. Hold baby close to your chest, to help them feel comforted and secure, whilst gently lying them down their back. It’s important to place them into their cot with their feet first, bum, back and then head – so as not to evoke the startle (Moro) reflex, or that feeling of falling, which can instantly wake your baby. Leave one hand gently resting on baby’s tummy and the other cradling their head. Lightly stroke baby’s head for a few minutes to help calm your baby before slowly removing your hand – remember to leave your other hand lightly resting on your baby’s tummy, whilst applying very gentle pressure. Hover for a while, and then slowly remove this hand too. It can take a few minutes to use the “Comfort Hold” technique effectively, but the results are amazing!

Best piece of advice for new parents? 

My best piece of advice for how to handle sleep, or lack of it with a newborn baby is be prepared! Newborn babies will invariably wake up repeatedly in the night for the first few months, so make sure you have everything to hand during the night. Keep clean baby grows, muslins for burping, nappies and wipes nearby to save you hunting around in low light. If you’re bottle feeding, make sure you have all your bottles prepped (as much as they can be), so you can feed your baby before they become too distressed waiting for that feed! Remember, these sleepless nights will pass, even though they may seem like they last an eternity at the time.

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