Mary Katrantzou: Drops Mary Mare Season 2 In Time for Summer

Summer is here and the Queen of prints Mary Katrantzou has just dropped Mary Mare Season 2. This June, Mary Katrantzou launched the second edition of MARY-MARE, a continuation of the 2020s much-adored bi-annual resort wear collection. Season 2 consists of 30 new holiday-ready pieces.

Mary Katrantzou

Introducing ‘Paint By Numbers Seascape’, this capsule is an exploration of the ocean from the coastline to deep coral reefs. These prints emblazon cotton poplin, linen and silk twill across a series of day-to-night dresses and skirts, including kaftans and swimwear. These prints are shown through linear black and white scenes highlighted by textural brushstrokes of the hyper-real colour.

Katrantzou’s signature ‘Summer Postage Stamp’ re-appears this season, continuing the journey from MARY-MARE’s debut. With the last year filled with uncertainty, Katranntzou is reminiscing about Summers in far-away places such as Mauritius, Barbados, Malta, Hawaii, Jamaica and Rio. Collecting flora and fauna from these exotic destinations, these locations are stamped through the lens of the pop art movement.

Mary Mare Season 2

Bringing Katrantzou’s trademark playful approach to the principles of geometric tessellations, MARY-MARE includes ‘Seahorse Tile’. This custom-built digital print gives a formulaic structure, subtly referencing the ocean, overlaying seahorses in an ombre of teal to burnt orange to create a horizontal striped effect.

Finally, Katrantzou’s ‘Jungle Etching’ completes the capsule’s prints. An exploration into vintage silk scarves, heightened for a holiday feel in royal amethyst, mandarin and peacock teal. The fantasy jungle has a menagerie of animals hidden amongst the foliage and is bordered by a marbled texture tiled geometric, which finishes off the flowing vacation scarf feeling.

Mary Katrantzou:  Drops Mary Mare Season 2

Carrying over from the first MARY-MARE season, Cote D’Azur Robe, Paloma Skirt, Verona Shirt, Cannes Dress, Como Dress, Bali Kaftan, Mykonos Bikini and Ibiza Swimsuit shapes return. Whilst a short wrap ‘Milos’ dress and a ‘Hydra’ off-the-shoulder mini dress bring new playful summer silhouettes.

The ‘Pathos’ top and ‘Andros’ trouser offer separates that can be dressed up or down and the ‘Vera’ midi silk dress makes the perfect summer dress with its flowing scarf-feeling shape.

This new collection offers the Mary Katrantzou customer a plethora of new ways to embrace colour and print whilst they travel or spend summer in the city. 

Are you planning a short getaway? What would your favourite piece be to take with you? Or planning on having more picnic dates? So maybe an island feel to stay local. In addition to being available on, an additional exclusive edit is available at Matches too!  

Photos: Mary Katrantzou