Love Your Self in 2023 with Inner Light Micro-Retreats

For many of us, including myself learning to love yourself and indulge in self-care can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. But, after surviving a coma, I have made self-care more than just a buzzword; I have made it a pastime. I am fortunate to have found a little tranquil zen space in my local area of West London called Inner Light Micro-Retreats.

Inner Light Micro-Retreats

Michelle Roques-O’Neil is the founder of Inner Light Micro-Retreats. She makes it easy for urban Londoners to take a break in our backyards. Michelle’s passion for therapy was born from her 40 years of Spiritual Wellness experience. The core of her journey is essential oils and treatments; all formulated to create mindful rituals to help cope with life’s daily stresses. She also offers sound baths.

We were able to embrace her practice by joining one of her micro-retreats. Lucky for me, it was on a day that I badly needed some TLC and a healing hug, which Michelle felt the vibration and gave me. Michelle will be introducing a series of monthly micro-retreats starting in January 2023. We highly recommend booking one for the New Year, and you may get a bonus loving hug too.

The theme of these micro-retreats, aptly titled the Inner Light series, is “Gifts & Blessings”, to release last year’s. challenges and set new intentions. We all need this in our eyes. For more people than you think, the pandemic has changed us all. Each micro-retreat event is 90 minutes and will run on the 11th & 14th of January at 12 pm and 5:30 pm on both days.

Love Your Self in 2023

The atmosphere is relaxing and warm. You will be provided with all the essentials for a 90-minute mini-retreat, tea, blankets and love. A perfect combination to chill out and be healed. So bring on the Karma cleanse in the new year.

The price is £95.00 and includes products from Therapie Life ( that are appropriate to the theme and serve as each attendee’s toolbox for implementing self-care rituals learned
on the retreat. The micro-retreats take place in Notting Hill at Michelle’s Folly Mews Sanctuary, just off the Portobello Road. One-to-one micro-retreats can also be arranged with Michelle via Zoom.

Here’s Michelle’s personal description of the Gifts and Blessings Micro-Retreat for January 2023. It’s a New Year and an excellent time to recognise your gifts and blessings, release old redundant beliefs and habits and set new intentions that support and foster good Karma for the year ahead. This theme is the
first in the five Therapie Life Inner Light series Micro-Retreats.

In an ever-frantic world, making sense of your place in it is essential. These micro-retreats do just that: a space to reflect, prioritise, centre and reboot, somewhere to take stock and learn tools to support you. This time can be a vital intervention
that helps you reset and listen to your heart’s yearnings again.

You only know how much you need something like this once you try it yourself. The day I attended, I felt like an enormous weight had been lifted off my shoulders after our pow-wow with Michelle.

Bookings available on

Michelle is also available for: Reiki, Body Therapy, Energy Healing, Holistic Therapy, Alternative Therapy, Spiritual
Psychotherapy, Reflexology, Sound Healing and Self-care Rituals. Are you ready ti release old habits in 2023?

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