Kith & Wilson Tennis Collection: Serving Style and Community Impact


 Kith & Wilson Tennis Collection

Kith, a lifestyle brand based in New York, has teamed up once again with the well-known sportswear brand Wilson to create a comprehensive tennis collection for both men and women. Refreshing Wilson’s rich legacy through Kith’s unique perspective.

The collection includes both on and off-court apparel, sporting goods, and accessories, perfectly timed for the peak clay tennis season. The French setting in which the campaign was shot inspired the color palette, which includes blue, white, and red hues.


Kith x Wilson Tennis Collection

Community Impact

Kith and Wilson did more than make this collection, but also partnered Fête le Mur in Stains, France to make a positive impact in the community. Fête le Mur provides a safe and fun environment for children to learn tennis and important values like discipline and respect. Kith and Wilson contributed to the community by renovating and painting two tennis courts in Stains, France in a stylish manner, drawing inspiration from the blue, white, and red color palette of the collection.

Kith x Wilson’s efforts to restore tennis clubs are commendable and demonstrate their commitment to the sport and its community. By investing in the restoration of these clubs, Kith x Wilson is ensuring that the sport of tennis remains accessible to all, now and in the future. Providing a much-needed boost to local communities.

This is not their first time doing projects together. In 2021 they did a similar project in Queens, NY. Kith and Wilson have a plan for the future.

“Give back to the local communities and make a difference”.



Kith x Wilson tennis collection is a statement to the brand’s commitment to creating sportswear that is both stylish and functional. The range offers a variety of options for men and women, including tennis shoes, shorts, tops, and jackets, all designed with the latest technology to enhance performance on the court. The use of muted colors with bold accents adds a touch of sophistication to the collection, making it suitable for both on and off-court wear. The attention to detail is seen in the stitching, fabric quality, overall, ensuring that they are durable. The collection also features the iconic Wilson logo, which honors the brand’s tennis legacy.

Overall, Kith’s tennis collection is an excellent choice for athletes and fashion conscious consumers looking for high-quality, long-lasting, stylish sportswear that performs well on the court. 

The men’s collection features both casual and athletic designs. For the casual Kith x Wilson has a cool Manteco wool coach jackets, paneled nylon track jackets and wind shorts. They also mixed this laid back style with athletic gear, using cardigans and polos. If you are searching for tennis apparel, the collection features seamless polos, shorts, and tees, as well as highly technical compression shorts.

In the women’s collection Kith x Wilson focus on helping you play your best, but also look stylish. Each piece is made with technical fabrication for an optimal on-court performance. You will find matching colors and styles with the men’s collection. Diversity of options to choose from like mesh and knit polos, seamless bra tops, quick-drying dresses, and cute, breathable tennis skirts with pleats.



They didn’t only make clothes for tennis enthusiasts but also cool stuff you can use on and off the court. The also redesigned tennis racquets in Kith’s style and Wilson’s amazing skills. They have racquets for every type of player—the Pro Staff, Ultra, Blade, and Clash. In addition, the collection offers a variety of tennis accessories such as two different colored special tennis balls, racquet covers, fancy leather bags, backpacks, dampeners, stylish hats, and more.

The collection will be available exclusively in-store at Kith Paris on Thursday, June 8th. A global release the following day on Friday, June 9th, at all Kith stores,,, and the Kith App.

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