Another of our favourite emerging talents from New York Fashion Week, KHAITE SPRING SUMMER 2024 RUNWAY REPORT, is out now. This brand is inspirational to women of all ages. The mysterious moodiness set the tone for designer Catherine Holstein’s seasonal lineup, which was appropriate as the first several looks were black. 


For Spring 2024, Holstein finds the perfect middle ground between staying true to her brand’s design codes and presenting new silhouettes and styling ideas. Catherine Holstein unveiled a collection firmly rooted in cool, modern femininity in keeping with her distinguishing DNA style. There were no extreme departures from her well-established design sensibilities. Instead, she spoke to her clientele, guiding them on a simultaneously familiar and profoundly provocative journey.


Hitting the trends spot on with the neutral canvas, her calculated and strategic inclusion of bold, stark red served as a testament to her mastery of colour dynamics. Yet, Khaite’s exploration of textures—frills and fringes—and her play with forms—sleek squares juxtaposed with gracefully rounded silhouettes—truly elevated the collection to the next level, giving her fans exactly what we wanted.  Plus accessories we need to take notice of.

At the heart of this collection, it spotlighted the duality of modern femininity—an artful balance between lady-like elegance and the unruly spirit, epitomized by the range of leather biker jackets and soft synched waistline dresses. This intricate balancing act was a testament to Khaite’s muse. This woman effortlessly exudes the allure of film noir, equally at ease discussing the philosophies of Jean-Paul Sartre as she is lighting up a clandestine cigarette, a captivating embodiment of timeless sophistication and contemporary edge.


Textural Intrigue, Modern Femininity, and film Noir Allure

THE Standout Piece

The Red Dress

An unexpected yet unforgettable vision emerged amid Khaite’s signature sea of black, white, and grey. Capturing the audience’s attention, and arguably the very essence of the collection, was an unapologetic red dress – the season’s defining hue. This wasn’t just any red; it was a fierce proclamation, a red that demanded to be seen and admired.

The dress reflected Khaite’s dedication to modern womanliness and mastery over structure and form. Its ballooning sleeves were not merely an afterthought but a testament to Khaite’s unparalleled attention to detail, with each fold and crease carefully crafted to exude an ethereal quality. They floated, almost defiantly, providing a dramatic contrast to the dress’s sleek silhouette.

While the collection beautifully matched the edgy and the elegant, this red dress stood out as its crowning jewel. 

It was a reminder of Khaite’s ability to surprise and captivate, blending her ‘Mysterious Cool’ aesthetic with the ‘Textural Intrigue’ that defined the show. In a collection that celebrated the duality of the modern woman, this dress was the embodiment of her fiery spirit and unyielding grace.

In the intricate landscape of Fashion, striking a balance between the familiar and the novel is crucial. For Khaite’s fanatics, this collection was a reassuring nod, underscoring the brand’s dedication to its core audience. 

Our Thoughts 

Holstein’s latest KHAITE SPRING SUMMER 2024 collection reaffirms her position as a steadfast emerging designer who knows her muse intimately. The collection, grounded in its modern femininity, paints a vivid picture of a woman who’s both fierce and enigmatic and unafraid to embrace both sides of her persona.

While Holstein’s consistent evolution of her signature character is meritorious, she yearns to push the envelope slightly. The showcase was a testament to her brilliance in encapsulating an era with hints of nostalgia reminiscent of the 90s. One hopes that she might evolve her representation as seasons change, embracing multifarious beauty ideals even more expansively.

Cop or Not?

Creative Direction: Catherine Holstein

Styling: Vanessa Traina

Casting: Piergiorgio Del Moro at DM Casting 

Hair: Guido for TRESemmè

Makeup: Diane Kendall for NARS

Nails: Paintbox

Skin Prep: Macrene Actives 

Store Design: Griffin Frazen

Show Design & Production: Prodject

Photography & Video: Hanna Tveite

Music: Jean Michel Derain

Collection Services: Rae Creative 

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