Casablanca Paris Drops Limited Edition T-shirt Support for Morocco

The French brand Casablanca Paris Supports the Local NGO Rif Tribes Foundation in Aid of those Affected by the Morocco Earthquake. On Friday, the 8th of September, a catastrophic 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Morocco on a typical night. As we mourn the tragic loss of over 2,000 lives, the Casablanca team sends their heartfelt condolences to the Moroccan community.

Casablanca Paris Drops Limited Edition T

Casablanca Paris

With many remote villages now reduced to rubble and an estimated 300,000 people impacted by this tragedy, Casablanca is committed to providing monetary support to two local NGOs, the Rif Tribes Foundation and The Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association. Both organisations are providing vital and necessary care for the victims of this devastating earthquake. The help needed will take weeks, months and years to rebuild communities; we encourage everyone to support and help in the recovery of Morocco.

Support for Morocco

In addition, Casablanca will soon release a limited run of the brand’s classic Maison t-shirt, with all proceeds going towards a local NGO (NGO to be confirmed).

Available for pre-order on

Links to both NGOs are available below.

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