How to Fix Leaning Beams and Posts

Are you noticing leaning beams and posts in your crawl space? It’s a frightening situation because something’s not quite right in your foundation. It might be a structural problem or a water-related issue; click to find Sioux Falls repair companies. Experts from such companies will determine the leading causes behind this structure issue and then fix it.

Can you Apply a DIY approach?

Your beams and posts are part of your home structure. It’s not a desk that you can paint or a wooden cabinet, which is easy to fix on your own. A technician who has experience with the crawl space and basement structure can review it all and tell you what’s wrong before suggesting a solution.

Reasons for Leaning Beams and Posts

You can’t fix a problem unless you know its primary cause. Here are two main reasons behind this issue. 

Foundation Settlement 

Over time your home foundation starts to settle, and that’s where your basement floor sinks. This sinking increases more weight on these beams and posts; thereby, they begin leaning. There are many underlying causes of foundation settlement, but improper soil is one of them.  It would be best if you found an immediate fix when you see leaning posts. They are a clear sign telling you that posts are not good enough to support the structure. Only an expert can tell you the main reason and then develop a solution based on your exact problem.

Water Damage

Sometimes the main reason is your leaky pipes, plumbing, or basement water pooling. If your posts are made of wood, they start to rot and deteriorate.  On the other hand, when you invest in metal beams, they will start to rust. These metal beams will get weaker over time, so they will start leaning and twisting. When water is the main issue, then Sioux falls waterproofing services seem like an ultimate fix of this major structural problem.

How to Fix Leaning Beams and Posts

If posts and beams are changing their shapes and getting damaged due to foundation settlement, your structural repair experts will use foundation piers. They install either helical or steel piers deep in the soil to stabilize the structure and increase the support. These two solutions will work for almost years, and you won’t have to bear the cost of crawl space repair in Sioux falls again and again. So, when you need peace of mind, the one way to earn is to get a long-term fix of your home structure-related problem.

On the flip side, when you have wall cracks or bowing walls, structural wall repair services in Sioux falls usually rely on durable wall anchors. They use sealants to fill the gaps and cracks and later on increase wall support through anchors. 

In case the reason is leaky pipes, then you should hire a plumber. Replace old pipes with new ones. This little investment will protect your complete home structure.

  1. Great information my walls are starting to bow and definitely need to get them fixed or beams installed. Thank you for the information