Haymarket London Hotel’s Floatfit HIIT & Recovery Brunch Review

If you are in London and want a fun afternoon we recommend checking out Haymarket Hotel’s Floatfit HIIT classes on Sunday’s. The recovery brunch straight after the 30min Aguaphysical workout at the Haymarket Hotel is worth the lazy afternoon vibes once you finish the scrumptious petite brunch afterward. Going out and travelling is fashionable again and we are on the go this spring. We also want to stay Hip & Healthy on the road so if you want our recommendations keep scrolling.

Haymarket Hotel London

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We did not know what we were in for actually but my buddy Katia NGN, and I were ready to jump in the luxurious pool and get wet. Tickets are available here. £45 per person, including training sessions, mineral water and recovery brunch in Brumus Restaurant. How you start your year is how you will end it, so this birthday weekend we worked on staying #hip&healthy.

Haymarket Hotel Location

Haymarket, which the hotel is situated on, is the heart of theatreland, just down from Piccadilly Circus. A few minutes’ walk from Leicester Square and round the corner from Trafalgar Square. With the benefits of being close to restaurants, cinemas, nightlife, sights, excellent shopping (Mayfair, Oxford Street) and, of course, theatres. The hotel is just next to Haymarket Theatre Royal; both buildings were designed by John Nash – the architect behind Buckingham Palace’s design – in the early 1800s.

Haymarket London Hotel FloFitness & Recovery Brunch

Urban travlers these days are not afraid of adventure or if hotels offer fitness classes out of the ordinary. This Water based fitness class has the experts in, aquaphysical, teaching you how to get on the board in the pool and get fit. Our seession was full of friendly females not afraid to laugh at ourselves. Our instructour Chris motivated us on the Sunday at 11:30 AM session we attended, every time we feel off our serf boards in the water. I have to say the warm water was refreshing to dive into.

Hip & Healthy London Review
Haymarket London Hotel's Floatfit HIIT & Recovery Brunch Review

For 2022 Haymarket London Hotel will host a series of FloatFit HIIT Sunday sessions in the hotel’s subterranean pool. Which also has a ceiling covered in hundreds of fibre-optic lights and features a colourful light installation by Martin Richman. The revolutionary FloatFit HIIT workout uses water to transform fitness and bring fun back to exercise.

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Haymarket London Hotel's Floatfit HIIT & Recovery Brunch Review

This full body workout is designed for all levels to build aerobic fitness and increase muscular strength. Following the 30 minute session, guests will be treated to a Recovery Brunch in Brumus Restaurant with delicious dishes including, sweetcorn chilli fritters with poached eggs, avocado, tomato and lime salsa, Vegan Breakfast option, and freshly baked waffles with bananas, berries and maple syrup. Served with fresh, juice and herbal tea or coffee. You can also have afternoon tea, if you prefer and why not!

Haymarket London Hotel's Floatfit HIIT & Recovery Brunch Review

This was a perfect way for French girls to celebrate their birthday week! The only problem was concentrating on the exercises. Because we were having too much fun laughing at each other when we fell off our surfboards.

Before heading to brunch we took our time hanging out in the pool, then in the comfy lounge near the pool. The only thing we wished the hotel had was a hairdryer in the changing rooms. Oh, well we just hung out by the pool longer to let out hair dry before more giggles at brunch. In the end we looked at each other and said we would do it again.

These French Island girls are not afraid of the water. The brunch was so good and the portions were just enough. Who needs a heavy meal after a work out like that. The service was also top notch, the wait staff new it was our birthday and enjoyed capturing the moment for us.

Haymarket London Hotel's Floatfit HIIT & Recovery Brunch Review

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