Get The Look: Sofia Richie-Grainge highlights in Nudestix

As a Tik Tok newbie myself, I’m unreasonably excited to have been (re)introduced to Sofia Richie-Grainge through beauty, via her recent nuptials in the South of France. Two things this Libra loves but will quickly click the “x” if it seems forced, fake, or falls flat.

Reportedly a Libra moon and midheaven, it takes little to accent the natural beauty of these placements, so the choice of keeping it light her wedding weekend made her the focal point in sight and aura

Her pre-wedding festivities look and Day 1 of wedding weekend, included Nudestix Bronzer Stick in Bondi Belle. In one video she uses a longer stroke adding more color and definition to contour the cheeks, then gives an easy em dash for a slight cheek distinction. The Nudestix blush in Sunset Strip also made an appearance, but it was the results from the bronzer that convinced me to try out the brand.

I’ve yet to receive my goodies, but once I do, I will be spamming the world with an effortless everyday face! Until then, and for those who already have this collection in their makeup bag, here is where Sofia used Nudestix for you to recreate the look at-home.

  • A long stroke of Nudestix Bronzer Stick between the opening of the jaw, and one em dash on both sides directly below the hairline in the space between the forehead and temple. Now blend with the built-in brush, or dab it out with your chosen sponge.
      • This step sculpts and adds dimension to the cheekbones and forehead, so imagine how the sun (or ring light) catch those angles with every turn.
  • For color, and separation in face, dab Nudestix blush directly onto the skin or with fingers, to your cheek’s apples.
      • This step offers a rosy glow, adds proportions to your face rather than a blank canvas, and is non-comedogenic. So, no more clogged pores for beauty!

Nudestix is currently available directly through their website, Selfridges,,,, & Sephora UK.