Dubai-Based Sustainable Streetwear Brand The Giving Movement

We at Style Cartel love streetwear, and we wanted to introduce you to The Giving Movement, an athleisure brand founded by Dominic Nowell-Barnes in Dubai in 2020. The Dubai-Based Luxury Sustainable Streetwear Brand, The Giving Movement, is making moves and donates $4 of each sale to charity.

Dubai-Based Sustainable Streetwear Brand The Giving MovementIt also uses locally-sourced sustainable fabrics, such as recycled nylon and polyester, and produces its products in the United Arab Emirates. In the past two years, the brand has ridden a growth wave, boosted by broader trends for athleisure and loungewear, as well as the “lifestyle values” of Gen-Z.


“As we expand into new categories and markets, quality capital will allow us to remain true to our purpose and to take our ethos global while continuing to serve our loyalists and community stakeholders,” Nowell-Barnes said.


Spearheading conscious consumerism in the region, born amidst the global pandemic, and giving back to both community and charities, The Giving Movement is the UAE’s home-grown streetwear brand that defied all odds. The sustainable label has quickly become a staple in the region’s wardrobes of social media influencers. In addition, it was picked up by several e-retailers such as Ounass and Sivvi. But perhaps, its most significant accomplishment to date is raising over $1,000,000 in donations for local charities Dubai Cares and Harmony House India.

With their simple philosophy “Small acts multiplied by many people can transform the world”.  Dominic set out “to create lounge and activewear that people are most comfortable in and that is sustainable from all aspects of design and manufacturing, and that puts Dubai on the fashion map, but with a new positioning…streetwear that gives back.”

In addition to its charitable aspect, the brand is sustainable too.  The Giving Movement only utilizes either certified recycled or organic fabric, as well as low-impact dyes. Eventually, the brand wants to move into circularity by launching some initiative to collect garments from customers once they have used them. Then, the brand can send them to be recycled or reused rather than thrown away.

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