Having a Girls’ Night Out? Fun Ideas to Try

Girls’ night out is best when celebrated with yummy food, fun activities, and laughter. We love a fun girls’ night out and all-hours bonding time, but it can be hard to think of fun activities.  Don’t forget delicious drinks if you want to make a night out extra fun.

Wines with at least 15% alcohol are considered higher in alcohol than wines that have levels of 10 to 12%. The amount of choices you will be able to find is nearly endless. Be sure you are comfortable drinking a higher-alcohol wine.

Some may not be able to handle a high alcohol percentage wine, so think of who is coming. Just get a designated driver. 

Six Fun Ideas for a Girl’s Night Out

1. Visit a Wine Tasting

If you love wine, wine tasting is one of the best ways to have fun and try something new. When you go to wine tastings, you will be able to learn how varying grapes, regions, and vintages can alter the taste of wine. You can see if any wines pique your interest and want to make them an addition to your home wine cellar. You can also see if you are partial to or dislike certain types of wines. It can help you decide what wines you want on your next girls’ night.

2. Go Bowling,

A perfect way to spend time with friends is by bowling together at a local alley in your neighbourhood. Grab a few drinks and buttery, warm pretzels while you get ready to enjoy some friendly competition. You can find bowling alleys that offer beer pong tables and billiards, so you can hang out with your friends and have a lot of fun. If you are on a budget, you can enjoy your time hanging out together with pretzels and good friends. Bowling is nearly classic girls’ night-out activity that needs little to no planning.

3. Go to a Movie

If you haven’t gone to the movies in a while, this is your chance to catch up with old friends and catch some new releases. Make sure to pick a film that you know all of your friends will love and make sure that it’s something that won’t get too graphic or difficult for you. Make sure it’s an action-packed movie where the plot isn’t confusing, and all the characters can easily understand each other. You might want to pick a romantic comedy. Since most movies are rated, you want to make sure that your girls’ night out is a fun one.

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4. Go Shopping

Shopping is the best way to unwind and have a lot of fun with friends. Since you can shop until you drop, many girls’ night-out activities are ideal for this. Grab a few bags and head to the mall or an online shopping site. It will allow you to catch up on all the new trends, outfits, shoes, and accessories everyone is talking about. You can pick a few items from each store that interest you and add them to your dresser at home. You can always enjoy borrowing new loungewear from your friends and trying it on when they come.

5. Get Some Ice Cream

A social activity that will get you out of the house and your friends together is heading to the local ice cream shop. Who doesn’t love ice cream? If you want something fun, add ice cream from other countries. You can find unique flavours around town and have a lot of fun choosing a flavour based on your friend’s taste and interests. And if you’re looking for new recipes for Girl’s Night In, try adding different berries to your ice cream. There are endless possibilities, so bring along your favourite flavours in cone or cup form.

6. Go to a Comedy Show

If you need some laughs on your girls’ night out, look up some comedy shows coming to town that you can enjoy with all of your friends. You can see if any of your friends have interests in going to a particular show, or choose one that you know they’ll love. Make sure you aren’t too loud when you’re laughing not to disturb the people around you! It is fun for friends to get acquainted with each other’s sense of humour and quirks.

Girls’ night out is a fun, bonding time. It can be hard to think of fun activities you and your friends can do together. Have a couple of drinks, visit a wine tasting, go bowling, shop, and watch a funny movie together. It will get you out of the house while re-energizing you for the coming week. Enjoy bonding with your friends on your girls’ night out.