Doja Cat is one of our favourite girls at the moment

Doja Cat is one of our favourite girls at the moment. Her brilliance and fearless creativity is only a part of what propels her success. She is currently being recognized for all her achievements, but her path to the limelight has not been a crystal stair. Her debut album was met with little success, something that could have possibly ended her career in the pre-Twitter era.

She began creating her own music scavenging Soundcloud and the internet for beats she could use for her rhymes. In 2014, her song “So High” caught the attention of RCA and she signed a record deal at the age of 17. She released a debut album, titled “Amala” that did attract a lot of attention until she created a YouTube music video for “Moo” in 2018. Completely self-produced and created the video showcased her humour, talent and fun-loving free spirit.

Her most recent video, “Streets”, opens with her embodying the current TikTok challenge and one must note just how influential Doja has become. Her second most popular YouTube video, with 284 million views, “SaySo” together with “Boss B*tch” catapulted Doja into a secure spot in mainstream music.”Boss B*tch” was featured on Birds of Prey soundtrack and shows Doja can offer her listener a variety in sounds.  She has put in the work to hold down her space: as a whimsical yet empowered rap diva. 

Doja Cat is one of our favourite girls at the moment

Winner of the People’s Choice Award, and nominated to receive a Grammy, she well deserves the attention. The girl is a self-starter, and her career leaps ahead as a direct result of her self produced content, her vulnerability, and her trendsetting internet savvy. She has been climbing her way onto the Billboard charts and the realm of pop music by way of a silly/ quirky and sexy/ cute persona.

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