Beginners Guide to Building a Skincare Routine

Creating and sticking to a skincare routine is an important part of caring for your skin. It could be as easy as using a cleanser and moisturiser, both day and night. Sometimes, a little more complex, adding serums and peels to target different skin problems. However, having a routine that works purely for your skin and its needs is what is most important. 

Here’s a beginners guide on how you can begin to build the right routine for your skin, with a little help from skincare brand, Glow Hub

Work out your skin type

Understanding the type of skin you have is a vital step in learning how best to take care of your skin. Furthermore, it makes the process of buying products easier, as you will be able to identify which ingredients should be in your routine. That said, skin changes all the time and for many different reasons. Whether it be due to hormones or environmental changes, your skin can alter. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to buy new products every time this happens. Determining your initial skin type should enable you to find the basic solutions to achieving your skincare goals, without having to change your routine constantly.

There are five primary skin types:

Skin type guide 
Art of Skin Care
  • Normal skin is well-balanced. Not too oily nor too dry. 
  • Oily skin refers to skin that creates excess oil and is often prone to breakouts, enlarged pores and blackheads. 
  • Dry skin can appear dull or rough due to not retaining sufficient moisture. 
  • Combination skin has areas that are both dry and oily. For example, your t-zone could predominately be oily whereas the rest of your skin is dry. 
  • Sensitive skin differs from person to person. It could just mean that the skin is sensitive to ingredients that aren’t very gentle. Therefore, resulting in dryness or redness. 

A perfect way for skincare beginners to determine their skin type is by examining your bare skin. After cleansing your face, refrain from adding any additional products and observe your bare face. What does it look like? Are there areas of redness? Does it appear oily?

Follow the skin guide above to judge your skin type in order to find suitable products. 

Finding the basics

Every skincare regime needs a cleanser, moisturiser and SPF. These are the foundational products that cleanse the skin and then add or maintain moisture. If you have oily skin, you may be thinking, do I really need a moisturiser? The answer is yes! In fact, there is a form of skincare product out there for everyone, it’s just about finding the right one. To exemplify, water-based moisturisers are recommended for oily skin whereas richer creams are recommended for dry skin. 

Speaking of finding the right product for your skin type, it can be quite complicated. You want to make sure you’re spending your money on products that are actually benefiting your skin, right? 

One cool and innovative way for beginners to find the best skincare is with this quiz by Glow Hub! 

About Glow Hub

Glow Hub Beauty are a brand that aim to make skincare easy and fun. Created for those looking for an entry way into skincare, Glow Hub was designed to let you build yourself a personalised routine for your skin’s needs. Their colour-coded ranges are easy to understand and are made for mixing and matching! 

Furthermore, all of their products are cruelty-free and vegan, blended with natural actives to treat and prevent any skin problems you may have. 

With their 2-minute quiz, it is easy to receive a personalised routine made just for you! This is because the brand recommends a list of their products, tailored to your specific skincare concerns. Not only making it the perfect gateway into skincare for beginners but for anyone looking for the perfect products! 

I did the quiz a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to be sent some of the products that were recommended to me. Stay tuned for a Glow Hub product review soon. 

In the meantime, check out the latest in the world of beauty here!

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