4 Handbag Trends for Your Autumn Wardrobe

A top-handle bag evokes luxury and elegance all year round, but it looks best when styled with prim and proper autumn pieces like car coats, boat neck tops, and oversized blazers. When it comes to style inspiration, look no further than Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales’ collection of ladylike top-handle bags shows you how this accessory can add a touch of sophistication to various outfits.


A small mulberry Amberley bag in white can be paired with white trousers and a bold-coloured top, while a burgundy Chanel quilted calfskin bag feels right at home with the autumn leaves.

1. Top handles

The arrival of a new season is always a good signal that it’s time for a wardrobe change. As the summer heat fades to make way for the crisp, earthy autumn, you can refer to the latest autumn fashion trends to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re shopping for new clothes or simply cleaning out your closet, you can modernise staples like trenchcoats through bold colours or play around with feather trims, pastel palettes, and leather pieces to match the cooler weather.

Of course, equally crucial to your wardrobe update is a purse or bag that matches your seasonal looks. Below, we look at the four handbag trends you can incorporate into your autumn wardrobe this year.

2. Oversized totes
While summer was all about micro-purses like the Jacquemus Le Chiquito and Bottega Veneta, autumn shifts the focus back to practicality with boxy, oversized tote bags. However, carrying a large tote around doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. River Island’s collection of ladies’ handbags includes tote bags that can store all your day-to-day essentials while still looking chic on your commute or at work. There’s the Black Jacquard RI Monogram Shopper Bag with gold hardware and expanded purse space, as well as the Grey Tote Bag with its sleek silhouette to match your office outfits. Among designer brands, Givenchy’s G-Hobo leather bag comes in tan for a more autumnal vibe.

3. Bucket bag
Often touted as the little sister of the tote or hobo bag, bucket bags are seeing a resurgence in the fashion world due to their perfect balance of style and functionality. Moreover, the innovation in this bag’s design and construction can earn you extra style points. For autumn, a Mansur Gavriel leather bucket bag in neutral tones like the creamy Sand, beige Latte Macchiato, or white Bianca comes in handy. If you want something more kitschy, then go for the Marc Jacobs embossed bucket bag with the rope handle or the exclusive Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collaboration for a fun print.

4. Croc print bag


Beyond trends for bag size and construction, pay attention to the texture and pattern, too. This autumn, the crocodile print is back in full force, except the effect is now achieved through faux or vegan leather for a more minimalist look. Among the best examples of vegan leather bags with the croc-effect is the Aspinal Mayfair midi bag, a favourite among royals like Princess Kate and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid. It comes in various autumn-friendly colours of patent leather, like evergreen, burgundy, cherry ombre, and marmalade.

As you consider the previously listed pieces for your seasonal shopping, remember that you can always find a handbag that fits both your style and budget. While a designer bag is an excellent investment, you can also scour emerging brands for affordable yet still high-quality options.

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