3 Reasons You Should Have A Doula During Covid

For decades, doulas have revolutionized personalized, low-intervention birthing experiences for mothers, babies and families. During Covid, many states doulas were perceived as essential workers, allowing them into delivery rooms even when family couldn’t be present. Their assistance, guidance and support has helped countless women undergo the safe and healthy birthing experience they desire. 

This year’s World Doula Week was March 22nd through March 28th. World Doula Week is a global movement that works to “empower doulas all over the world to improve the physiological, social, emotional, and psychological health of women, newborns and families in birth and in the postpartum period.” 

Corie Adjmi, award-winning author, doula, and women’s empowerment advocate, has personally witnessed the incredible benefits that doulas are able to provide expecting mothers during this high-stress time. 


“Doulas encourage the birthing mother to advocate for themselves. They educate them so that they feel empowered throughout their own birth experience. With that information, a mother can make better choices and feel more confident throughout the process. We are really just there as emotional support, which many women do not have right now,” Adjmi says.

Here are Corie’s top 4 reasons that you should have a doula during Covid:

#1: Doulas are Essential Workers (in many states)
Many states have recognized doulas as essential workers, making them able to be in the delivery room with mom even when a spouse or family can’t be. Most expecting moms need more support during the labor process than their doctor can provide, and a doula can provide the needed support and comfort required to make the birthing experience a pleasant one.

#2: Doulas can significantly reduce the need for medical intervention and drugs
Doulas help mothers and partners make informed decisions based on their specific needs and desires. There are many short-term benefits to having doulas assist you in the birthing process. For example, the length of labor is reduced by 25%, cesareans are reduced by 26-50%, epidurals are reduced by 60%, and narcotics use is reduced by 30%. In other words, a labor doula helps you have the pleasant birthing experience you’re hoping for.

#3: Doulas provide a better birthing experience and decreased postpartum depression
Mothers that choose to use doulas during labor see an increase in time spent with their baby and, even more notably, a decrease in postpartum depression. Women that choose to have doulas with them during their birthing experience are actually 27% less likely to feel dissatisfied with their births. It can help you leave the experience feeling empowered, informed and satisfied… ready for what lies ahead.  

“Covid has taken away so much for so many. That is why, now more than ever, it is crucial for women to be allowed access to the care and support they deserve and desire during their own birth experience.”  Adjmi says.