3.Paradis Goes Logo Mania with Collection entitled “Le Noeud Infini”

3.Paradis one of the brands that made our 25 BLACK FASHION DESIGNERS TO KNOW AND SUPPORT IN 2021 list presents the “Le Noeud Infini” collection. The label had branding in mind and went logomania for this collection. Why not? Let everyone know you support the brand with its first monogram collection. 



3.PARADIS’ Creative Director Emeric Tchatchoua releases the brand’s Spring-Summer 2021 campaign. To celebrate the launch of their new seasonal collection this Spring, photographed by long-time collaborator Rashidi Noah.

Spring-Summer 2021

Titled “From Paradis With Love” the Spring/Summer collection marks the introduction of 3.PARADIS’ Le Noeud Infini monogram print furthering their philosophy of interconnection, unity and togetherness through interlocking initials with contrast numerals.

The ideal time for us since our fashion team was talking about buying gloves to showcase the latest sneakers in our online shop. This year we want to buy more black fashion.

Tchatchoua said, “We were trying to create a new symbol, a recognizable graphic motif that would embody the spirit of 3.PARADIS and be at the heart of our visual language. The idea was to create a timeless, yet chic, disruptive and poetic monogram that could be reinterpreted and revisited over the years.”

As a result, the new monogram appears all over a double-breasted pea coat, a short sleeve shirt, workwear shirts, shorts, trousers, hats, nano bags, and more, including a stuffed teddy bear. There’s a black option with an “Anthracite” monogram on it, or a “Beige/Sand” look that incorporates a hint of “Teal” in the 3 that interlinks with the P on the design.

Le Noeud Infini translates as The Eternal Knot, a name stemming from Buddhist belief in the interaction of unity and dependence manifest through their union and ultimately harmony in the universe. The graphic pattern representative of the values and ideals advocated and held by 3.PARADIS is now at the heart of 3.PARADIS’ visual language.

The brand is following in the footsteps of many older luxury brands in how to push the envelope and get your name out there. By using the power of its logo. What do you think? Will you buy black this year too? Shop now on 3.PARADIS’ website.