FRAGRANCE FRIDAY - IZIA BY SISLEY As exceptional as the roses within it, as intimate as a garden, as captivating as a masterpiece. Like a shroud of silk, Izia is a fragrance for you, and you alone. It is alive, palpable, bursting with energy and enduring. It speaks to all generations of women. Izia is nature sculpted, the tender caress of dew at dawn. The scent is modern and enchanting.

BEAUTY - CURLY HAIR LONDON I recently found probably the best curly hair expert in town! Lovely Stephanie Nik, who is the owner of Curly Hair London transformed my unmanageable mane into beautiful bouncy curls. Stephanie asked me to talk her through my haircare routine before telling me off for creating more frizz. I think we all make the same mistake which involves using towel to dry curly hair!