Two Drinks to Get You Through the Rest of Dry January

If you ever wanted to give up drinking alcohol this year 2021, staying healthy should be a top priority. Last year many of us took binge drinking to another level. So we have a few drinks to help you get through Dry January and maybe even replace other sugary beverages with healthier options

Quarterpast Fruit Tea Infusions Mixed 250mL (4 Pack)

These quaterpast mixers have gotten my household through a lockdown and made tea and water more fun to drink. I personally wake up dehydrated, and staying home does not help. Plus staying healthy while on lockdown is the number one thing on my mind. After watching everything on Netflix get boring so does what we eat and drink.  

It is time to try something new to add to tea and water.  Everyone needs variety; it’s the key to a balanced life. This infusion range should add a little healthy spice to your life! These packs come with one of each of the four flavours, so you can enjoy them all and pick your favourite!

  1. Lemon, Ginger & Honey Infusion
  2. Turmeric, Lemon, Ginger & Honey Infusion
  3. Gold Kiwifruit, Turmeric & Ginger Infusion
  4. Hibiscus, Ginger & Manuka Honey Infusion

 Enjoy Mother Nature’s ingredients in a better way! These mixers are also great in the winter to help keep a cold and flu season away. They are also packed with the vitamins we need to stay healthy. It does help that they taste great and have little bits of goodness in every glass. 

Remedy Rainbow Pack

Now we have all heard about drinks made with kombucha. Well, I have tasted many different brands, but I have never bought another since getting a Remedy Rainbow Pack. It tastes delicious and is right for you, so get a rainbow pack and finish Dry January efficiently. 

Sarah and Emmet Condon started Remedy in their kitchen; they had no idea that they would make a drink, so tasty and nutrition included in a can. They’d been making kombucha for a while, and their kids were into it too. After the kids approved it, their mates were hooked then the rest of their family members were dropping by more often for a taste.

  Remedy has created a range of unique healthy mocktails in a can. These drinks are perfect for that non-alcoholic party vibe. They are not only delicious but also boost your immunity and aid digestion. They feed your gut with live-cultured alternatives and is naturally free of sugar, and full of antioxidants and organic acids which we all need in the age of post covid lifestyle. 

The mocktails make a great alternative to balance out any excess without compromising on taste, or to provide a healthier start to 2021. Each recipe is accompanied by insight from Remedy nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill. My personal favourite is the coconut water and the blood orange.

So finish out Dry January with a few healthy drinks to boost your Wellness Wednesday achievements it’s never too late to start living a hip and healthy life. Follow us on Instagram for more hip and healthy tips.