Top Beauty Picks Of The Month

This month we selected our favourite beauty products that might be a lovely treat for you, your skin, body and senses.

Image Biome + Range


Skin’s resilience starts with its protective moisture barrier, a first line of defense against dryness, discomfort and visible signs of stress. BIOME+ is a harmonious collection formulated to respect and reinforce the skin barrier. Mindfully produced in a LEED-certified facility and formulated with natural-origin ingredients like clinical adaptogens and sugarcane-derived squalane, BIOME+ nurtures, comforts and brightens skin without disrupting its natural state.

FPP® is an all-natural nutritional supplement made from 100% fermented non-GMO papaya. It improves natural defences systems and slows down the ageing process, making it the ideal partner for a long and healthy life.

Fermented Papaya Preparation Supplement

FPP helps the body by stimulating the defence systems with its threefold physiological action:

  1. Supporting the immune system by enhancing the body’s natural protection against infections.
  2. Boosting the antioxidative system by fighting off the excess of free radicals – the root of premature ageing and many diseases linked to ageing.
  3. Stimulating cellular energy production, naturally helping the body optimise its natural functions, promoting health and vitality.

Kelsey Midnight Reset

Packed full of actives, Kelsey’s Midnight Reset is a beautifully concentrated balm guaranteed to supercharge your skin whilst your sleep. The silky like texture absorbs rapidly and can be built up in layers when in need of an additional boost, doubling as an intensive mask for gorgeously radiant and glowing skin!

Monat Be Gentle System

The range consists of two super powerful beauty products, cleanser and moisturiser. A delicate cream cleanser that  gently lifts and washes away dirt and impurities whilst peptides tighten and plump.  The skin is left feeling refreshed, comforted and healthy-looking. A rich, calming, ultra-hydrating cream helps to renew, plump and nourish skin. Contains peptides to tighten and plump, whilst plant stem cells strengthen and protect for youthful firmness and bounce.

L’Occitane Artichoke Bodycare Range

Our favourite top two products are Body Scrub and Massage Cream. Use the Artichoke Warming Body Scrub on damp skin to gently exfoliate and prepare the surface area, as well as eradicate dead skin cells and promote cellular renewal. Rinse off with water to boost microcirculation, and leave skin feeling smoother, firmer, and detoxified. Apply the Artichoke Massage Cream onto dry, cleansed skin. This cream, with artichoke extract from France, provides up to 8 hours hydration and leaves skin feeling soft and nourished.