Four Black-Owned UK Beauty Brands You Need to Try

As you can probably tell from previous articles, I love my skincare and body products! I love trying new products and even better, finding skincare that agrees with my skin. Agrees well enough that I can happily add them into my routine. However, I came to the realisation that I didn’t have any products within my routine that were from black-owned businesses.

You may be wondering why this is even important. Or, why such a thought came to mind. Well, let’s look into that. 

The importance of supporting black-owned businesses: 

Whether a food or beauty brand, supporting small and local businesses is important. Furthermore, supporting brands created by those who tend to go unnoticed within their industry (e.g., women, people of colour etc), is also a great thing to do. 

Focusing just on black-owned beauty businesses, for years, the beauty industry has failed to cater for black people. For example, brands not producing sun protection, foundation or concealer with darker skin tones in mind. This exclusion stops black people from being able to access a range of beauty products. Also, this proves that there is a sense of ignorance towards a very large demographic. A demographic that needs and desires makeup, skincare and haircare just as much as anyone else. 

But what does this mean?

It means that many people are having to create their own businesses. This is to provide others with suitable products that the larger part of the industry fail to make.

Over recent years, the beauty industry has seen brands such as Fenty Beauty create a pathway for inclusion within the industry. However, there are many small black-owned beauty brands that are doing the same thing and deserve just as much support and recognition. 

Supporting black-owned businesses helps to grow and compensate for the exclusion that people of colour have faced. Also, actively buying from these businesses adds to the continuance of products and allows the community to flourish.

So, if you’re looking to find some new, high-quality beauty products, look no further. These three black-owned, UK based beauty brands, will upgrade your beauty routine!

Each product was kindly gifted to us at Style Cartel Beauty.


Shimirose was founded in 2008 and started operating in London, in 2018.

They are a vegan beauty brand influenced by their love for the environment and the natural benefits of nature. 

I have been using the Natural Pure Shea Butter Cream (£18.00) and Soothing Lavender Shea Butter (£20.00) and the quality of my skin has improved massively. 

Both products have a pure, soft consistency that easily melts into the skin. With summer coming up, I aim for my skin to have a natural glow as well as being as smooth as possible and these Shimirose products are helping to achieve that!

The shea butter is sourced through family connections in Ghana. In addition, through the Global Shea Alliance. So, the brand are actively helping to support workers and farmers to ensure that they are paid fairly. As well as this, they contribute to improving the livelihood of rural African women and the community. 

Furthermore, ingredients such as lavender oil are natural stimulators for hair growth meaning the products are multipurpose! 

Conscious of being environmentally friendly, Shimirose’s shea butter is packaged in glass jars with aluminium lids. They package their products in paper bags and even present their products on wooden trays and boards. 

Just like their products have been kind to my skin, they are also kind to the environment. 

Check out their Instagram here!

LIHA Beauty 

LIHA stemmed from wanting to create a natural, luxury skincare brand. One that includes a mixture of natural African roots and traditional English aromatherapy. 

The brand was founded by Abi and Liha, who met at university in 1998, and have been close ever since.

Interestingly, in Yoruba tradition, making soaps and lotions from nuts, plants and other organic sources is a skill traditionally learned by all young women. With Liha’s mother being an English aromatherapist, she naturally started to blend the two practices together. 

From there, they have created high-quality products in abundance. 

One of their best-sellers, Idan Oil (39.00), is a cold-pressed coconut oil. I have absolutely loved using this product for absolutely everything! As a body oil and daily moisturiser for my hair. 

Immersed with tuberose flower, it also has a light flowery fragrance. 

Their ethically sourced Ivory Shea Butter (£22.00) has also been a staple in my bodycare routine. Shea butter is known for containing vitamins A and E, meaning that it is both rich in moisture and able to heal the skin. Perfect for dry skin! 

Check out their Instagram here!

The Glowcery

The Glowcery launched March 2020, creating products that use ingredients that you’d typically find in your fridge or local greengrocers. They state that “we are proud to be a vegan, cruelty-free and a natural superfood skincare brand. We care about the Planet, and so our range of products are packaged in eco-friendly materials.”

Their Clean Greens Superfood Serum (£33.00) is packed with so much goodness! From broccoli seed oil to green tea oil, it helps to balance, nourish and brighten the skin. The face oil has become a staple piece in my everyday skincare routine. I’m always a bit sceptical of oils potentially clogging my pores but with this product, I have no problem.

My skin looks healthy and glows even more than usual and I feel great knowing that I am using such a natural product on my skin.

Check out their instagram here!


Dizziak is an award-winning, haircare range for every hair type. Loretta De Foe created the brand due to not being able to find a staple hair brand that met her hair needs. 

My natural hair journey has been…an experience. I have tried many brands, loved some and hated most of them. Only recently have I found the right products that work for my hair. Though, I’m always open to try something new. Especially products that will add moisture to my curls.

The Dizziak Hydration Wash (£20.00) and Deep Conditioner (£22.00) tick all the boxes. No parabens, no sulphates, no silicones and vegan. This haircare range also comes in a modern monochromatic packaging, created in collaboration with artist, Ted Draws. 

Filled with a blend of oils, such as organic coconut and argan oil, the shampoo was able to cleanse my scalp and hair. The rich conditioner left my curls nourished and moisturised! 

Overall, after a few uses, my hair really has looked and felt a lot healthier which is all I could ask for. 

Check out their Instagram here!

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